Sheridan Commission Votes to Keep Connolly Lane Right-of-Way

A public Right-of-Way in Paradise Park subdivision known as Connolly Lane has been retained by a vote of the county commission.

County Engineer Ken Muller explained why there was a petition to vacate the property.

Discussions during the public hearing came from the current landowner, who owns the property that the right-of-way is on, that filed the petition for vacation of the property.

He said he was not aware of the right-of-way when he purchased his property.

The owner of the parcel behind them talked about wanting to access their property through the right-of-way and spoke against the vacation so they can use the access.

The commission said they understood the reasoning for wanting the vacation but were concerned about the parcel being landlocked with no access in the future.

Commissioner Terry Cram.

The commission voted against the vacation to maintain the right-of-way.

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  1. Good call, Commissioners! The subdivision plat, I beieve, shows Connolly Lane to be separate and distinct from any of the lots, rather than an easement as the article implies.

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