Sheridan Memorial Hospital Hosts Stroke Awareness Drive Up Event

Some Sheridan Memorial Hospital Nurses were educating visitors about how to be more heart healthy.

On Tuesday (May 24th), the hospital hosted a Stroke Awareness Education Drive-Up in the parking lot, as nurses checked visitors to see how much at risk they were for a stroke, which on average happens once every 40 seconds.

Nurse Jackie Ek says she was a little surprised at what visitors didn’t know about a condition that kills someone once every 3 ½ minutes.

Jackie Ek

“I think mostly they don’t really realize what all is entailed in causing a stroke. So it seems like kind of all the collection of all the risk factors and identifying that they are maybe at risk for having a stroke.”

The hospital is required to put on public education events such as the drive-up, to maintain its accreditation with the American College of Cardiology.

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