City Clerk Presents Liquor License Information at Council Study Session

(Photo Ron Richter ©)

At Monday night’s study session, City of Sheridan Clerk Cecilia Good presented the Sheridan City Council and Mayor Rich Bridger with information on what the considerations are when reviewing a liquor license application.

Cecilia Good

Spruce Restaurant, LLC,  was selected as the recipient of the City’s retail liquor license via a lottery of six applicants at the April 18 City Council meeting. The City received the additional license due to population increase that was reported in the 2020 Census. Good provided a status update on the bar and grill license that Spruce currently holds.

Cecilia Good

There will be a public hearing on the award of the retail liquor license at the Council’s next regularly scheduled business meeting Monday, May 2. After the public hearing, the Council is expected to vote on acceptance of award of the license to Spruce.

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