HUB on Smith: Volunteer substitute drivers needed for home delivered meals

The HUB on Smith is celebrating their volunteers during the month of October. 

According to HUB on Smith Volunteer and Education Coordinator Jamie Brester, approximately 50 volunteers give their time during each day in the various locations and helping with services the HUB provides. 

From the volunteer servers at the cafe to the people who ensure the counter is manned at the Loan Closet, volunteers are the lifeblood of the HUB’s organization. 

Volunteer Julie Bugher got involved because she found that she had become too attached to her home and missed being involved in her community. Once she made the choice to volunteer, she found a new life in her dedication to service. Bugher splits her volunteer time as Brester’s “right hand” and helps at the Loan Closet. 

J. Bugher

During the recent snowstorm that cut power to much of the city, volunteers still showed up to ensure that home delivered meals made into the hands of the Sheridan’s seniors who may not have eaten otherwise. 

There are times where some at-home delivered meal driver’s cannot get away from other obligations or have an emergency, it’s during times like this where substitute drivers step in, Brester said. Unfortunately, that’s a short list. Brester is looking to change that. 

J. Brester

If you would like to learn more and to find volunteer opportunities with the HUB on Smith, click here, or call 672-2240. 

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