Lummis says committee assignments critical to Wyoming issues

Wyoming’s U.S. Senator Cynthia Lummis has received three committee assignments that she says are critical to Wyoming issues.

Lummis said assignments to the Banking Housing and Urban Affairs, Environment and Public Works and Commerce, Science and Transportation committees have positioned her to work for Wyoming’s natural resources, financial innovation and rural telecommunications and transportation issues.

Lummis said her focus has always been, and always will be, on Wyoming, and the committee assignments give her an incredible perch to advocate on behalf of Wyoming families, communities and industries.

She said the Environment and Public Works Committee will allow her to be on the front lines combating what she called President Biden’s misguided and reckless environmental policies that could bring domestic energy production to a screeching halt.

In addition, Lummis said on the commerce committee, she looks forward to working to expand rural broadband and addressing transportation needs for small businesses and communities across Wyoming. She said limited transportation options and unreliable broadband are two of the biggest impediments to economic diversification in the state.

Lastly, she said, with regard to the banking committee, Wyoming has been leading the way on financial innovation over the last several years, and as a member of that committee, she hopes to shine a light on those pioneering efforts. She said she also hopes to work with federal regulators to ensure that regulation of digital assets are structured to encourage innovation.

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