Weatherby stormwater proposal draws objections

(Photo from Sheridan Media Files)

Members of the SEEDA joint powers board meeting this week objected to spending another $2,500 to determine if a pump installed for stormwater control on the Weatherby property was working.

Additional work was recommended by American Engineering Testing, testing engineers for the project in Sheridan’s High Tech Business Park.

Robert Briggs, SEEDA administrator, elaborated.

SEEDA Chairman Gary Koltiska said that was his issue with the proposed project.

He said he was having a hard time wanting to have the recommended work done at this time, and other members of the board agreed with him. Board members eventually approved a motion to authorize the board’s own Weatherby project committee to review additional information and, if the committee members believe the additional expenditure is warranted, to authorize spending up to $2,500 for the additional work.

The pump was installed following a Sept. 24 meeting in which SEEDA members approved a $65,000 project to install the sump pump, a well and generator for groundwater control at the Weatherby facility.

SEEDA is an acronym for the Sheridan Economic and Educational Development Authority.

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