Dougherty says he’s had ‘extraordinary journey’ with School District 2

School District 2 Superintendent Craig Dougherty, left, working for School District 2 has been an "extraordinary journey." (Photo from Sheridan Media files)

Craig Dougherty (DOE-hur-tee) said his 25 years with Sheridan County School District 2 has been an extraordinary journey.

Dougherty announced at the District 2 board of trustees’ meeting earlier this week that he is retiring after 21 years as school district superintendent. He said June 30 will be his official last day.

Dougherty came to the district originally as assistant superintendent then became superintendent after four years here.

He said he and his wife, Judy raised their own children from kindergarten through 12th grade in the District 2 school system. He said District 2 is a great district, and that greatness will continue. He said the principals and faculty in the district continually strive to make each year better.

He said they’re never satisfied and are always pushing the envelope.

In the meantime, Dougherty is starting the next phase of his life, with a focus on helping provide education for children on Indian reservations. He said he still works with children on reservations on a pro bono basis.

Dougherty said he and his wife, who’s still teaching, plan to stay in Sheridan for the foreseeable future. He said this is the best community in Wyoming, if not the Rocky Mountains. He said it’s a community that always demands excellence.

He said he feels honored to have had the opportunity he’s been given in Sheridan.

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