Spanish Influenza, Dec. 27, 1918

Courtesy photo

Sheridan Media reporter Pat Blair looks back in time, over 100 years ago, to the impact of Spanish influenza as reported in the pages of the Sheridan Enterprise in 1918.

The Sheridan Enterprise reported today, Dec. 27, that Lloyd Jennings Garretson, 4-year-old son of H. E. Garretson of Clearmont, died at the family home Wednesday morning. It was only a week ago that the child’s mother died from influenza, leaving all of the children and the husband suffering critically from the malady. Mr. Garretson has since improved.

For the first time in months, the Sheridan Elks were hosts at a formal party this week, and the affair following the period of gloom and anxiety cast by the influenza epidemic was popular in the extreme.

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