Bills That Didn’t Get Introduced And Died In 2022 WY Legislative Budget Session

Although it is a budget session, Wyoming legislators are allowed to address bills that don’t pertain to the budget.

Compared to a general session, a budget session is only half as long, thus there’s not enough time to get to everything.

That means some bills die without getting a chance.

February 18th was the deadline for bills to be introduced.

House Bill 8 would have allowed lottery scratch off tickets, with 75% of the sales going towards the state outdoor recreation office funding account.

House Bill 20 was designed to expand medicaid eligibility.

House Bill 25 would have a sales tax exemption for certain lodging services.

House Bill 68 was going to allow the state to appropriate federal funding for certain broadband access and telehealth access projects.

House Bill 74 would have required a runoff election, if no candidate received a majority of votes in the primary election.

House Bill 84 was going to change conditions of the University of Wyoming athletics fund matching program.

House Bill 93 was supposed to create a Wyoming film production incentives program.

House Bill 103 could have prohibited travel across private land for hunting purposes.

House Bill 106 would have relaxed the penalties for marijuana possession and House Bill 143 would have made medical marijuana legal.

House Bill 121 was designed to prohibit discrimination based on vaccine status.

Senate File 56 would have allowed virtual currency to be allowed for lottery sales and Senate File 107 was going to change the state attorney general spot into an elected position.

The budget session is scheduled to end on March 11th.

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