Senator Barrasso: ‘Democrats’ Wild, Willful, Wasteful Spending Must Stop’

U.S. Senator John Barrasso of Wyoming spoke on the Senate floor Tuesday  about what he referred to as reckless spending and the partisan obstruction by Democrats in trying to pass the next piece of coronavirus relief legislation. Senator Barrasso addresses comments that were made Tuesday morning by Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer

Sen. Barrasso

Senator Barrasso closed his remarks by saying that the Republicans will hold the line on reckless spending, as they need to keep the next relief bill to no more than $1 trillion, and they need to ensure that the bill only includes things directly related to the coronavirus.


  1. Says the guy who voted for an irresponsible 2 Trillion tax cut, for the upper 2% income bracket. No wonder the federal government can’t afford to bail out small business and the worker class. When it comes to a balanced federal which is worse ?? over-spending or cutting revenue ?? Seems to me, they both help create a bigger deficit.

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