Cedar in Training for Service Dog

Cindy Popp is training Cedar in the Dog and Cat Shelter's Stray to Service program. (Photo by Pat Blair)

In a program launched in November, called Stray to Service, Sheridan’s Dog and Cat Shelter is training dogs to become service animals.

Among the candidates currently in training is Cedar. Cindy Popp, an employee at the shelter, said she’s been fostering him for a couple of months, getting him ready to serve a veteran.

Jill Moriarty, who’s the shelter director, said there are a lot of ways Cedar could help someone.

Popp said she and the rest of the shelter staff think Cedar is a golden retriever, although they aren’t 100 percent sure.

Moriarty said Stray to Service was started as a pilot program to provide service animals to veterans, although the shelter is training dogs to serve others as well. She said all the Stray to Service Dog candidates go through behavioral assessments as well as what the staff calls Boot Camp.

Cedar demonstrates some of what he’s learned. (Photo by Pat Blair)

Cedar has been through both and now, with Popp, is learning what he needs to do to help make someone’s life a little easier.

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