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Hawks Secure Weekend Sweep Against Sabres

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The Sheridan Hawks hockey team faced off against the Badland Sabres in a two-game series last weekend. On Friday, the Hawks scored the first goal of the game with 10 minutes left in the first period, taking an early lead of 1-0. However, the game became heated as both teams engaged in a fight, resulting in a 5-minute major penalty for each team with just under 4 minutes remaining in the first period. Despite the penalties, the score remained 1-0 in favor of the Hawks.

In the second period, the Hawks quickly extended their lead with a goal just 2 minutes in. The Sabres managed to score their first goal of the night with 12 minutes left in the period, but the Hawks answered back with a goal of their own, making the score 3-1 with 8 minutes left in the period.

Heading into the third period, the Hawks had a 25-15 lead in shots on goal. The Sabres managed to score early in the period, narrowing the lead to 4-2. However, the Hawks were not deterred and quickly scored another goal, making it 5-2. #9 Caleb Murray of the Hawks even managed to secure a hat trick with a goal scored with just 6 minutes left in the game. McCaffery Billings also had a milestone moment, reaching his 100th career point, while Teejay Torgrimson played his 100th game. Both Friday and Saturday games began with a National Anthem performance by Sofia Maria.

The final home game of the regular season took place on Saturday, and the team took the opportunity to express their gratitude to the families and billet families who have supported them throughout the year. Many family members were in town for the weekend series.

The Hawks started off strong and were up 2-0 after the second period. The Sabres managed to score a goal early in the third period, but it was called off due to a hand pass. However, they quickly scored another goal, bringing the score to 3-1 with 12 minutes left in the period. The Hawks had a significant lead in shots on goal, with a count of 42 to 20.

The Sabres were not done yet and managed to score their second goal with just 8 minutes remaining, making it a closer game at 3-2. In the final minutes of the game, the Sabres tied it up with another goal, making it 3-3. However, the Hawks quickly responded with a goal of their own from Makai Sparks, winning the game within seconds of the next play. It was an exciting series for both teams, with the Hawks ultimately coming out on top.

The Hawks will face Gillette at Spirit Hall Arena on Friday for their first post season game, and then return for a home game at the M&M Center in Sheridan on Saturday.

Photos By Steven Schreffler

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