Cheney co-sponsors carbon capture legislation

Wyoming Congresswoman Liz Cheney has signed on as a co-sponsor of the Carbon Capture Modernization Act, which is legislation that will advance carbon capture technologies at coal plants.

After co-sponsoring the measure, Cheney said Wyoming has the cleanest coal in the world, and the state has led the way in pursuing technologies like carbon capture.

She said she’s proud to co-sponsor the legislation, which would modernize the 48A tax credit requirements to make it easier for businesses to receive the tax credit based off of the capabilities of existing technology.

The Section 48A tax credit was first established in 2005, and carbon capture projects were made eligible in 2008. However, the eligibility standards for the credit are not technically or economically feasible for carbon capture and storage retrofit projects.

In addition, when Congress modified the provision in 2008 to include existing coal power plants, a new requirement was imposed that, to be eligible for the tax incentive, at least 65 percent of the carbon dioxide must be captured and stored.

Sponsors and co-sponsors of the Carbon Capture Modernization Act say this requirement is too stringent and unrealistic for retrofit applications. As a result of these unattainable requirements, they say, nearly $2 billion worth of credits have gone unused.

The legislation was introduced by representatives David McKinley, a Republican, and Terri Sewell, a Democrat.


  1. Sounds to me like what she’s really trying to do is capture some of those lost votes at opposed to capturing any carbon. She has about as much chance of capturing fairy dust as she does votes or carbon.

    • Can’t vote for her ever again……. She is can go back to wherever she came from after the next primary in 18 months

  2. Liz Cheney is not a Wyomingite.

    why do you want to capture Carbon Dioxide? It is a agriculturally necessary gas. It does increase photosynthesis & spurs plant growth. According to “climate changers” it does cause some warming. But, no one knows that that is harmful. So, Representative Cheney wants to capture it for…what? Wyoming will not put her in office in 2022, in my humble opinion.

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