Sheridan County Variances in Effect Until Friday

Three Sheridan County variances are currently in effect and will remain in effect until Friday when statewide health orders go into effect.

The Sheridan County variances allow modified church services and limited indoor and outdoor seating for all restaurants, cafes, bars, breweries and other establishments serving food and drink.

Because the statewide orders closely match the Sheridan County variances, the Sheridan County Incident Management Team says Sheridan County will not re-apply for the variances but will continue to evaluate the need for county-wide variances in the coming week.

Also, according to the team, the state orders in some cases grant more allowances than the current county variances. The statewide orders will expire on May 31.


  1. That is now the third time the governor has extended his temporary “orders.” Enough! Only the people’s representatives can make law. the governor only has short-term, temporary, emergency authority. That time has long passed. Our legislature can, should and must take it from here. Only the legislature can make law in the American system of republican, divided-gov’t. We are slipping down the slope of tyranny if we allow this to continue. Our duly elected rep’s need to listen to the people and re-assert constitutional gov’t. NOW! Let it not be said that a single person, Governor Gordon, drove Wyoming into the second Great Depression.

    • I absolutely agree, there is no room for tyranny of any kind in a free society. We can not allow these so called leaders to trample on our constitutional rights any longer. These mandates are not law and they are unconstitutional

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