Tongue River Middle School Students Put Together Veterans Memorial Wall

Kevin Koile - Sheridan Media

There were many Veterans Day ceremonies across the country, but one Sheridan County school decided to take things one step further to honor those who serve or have served.

Through fundraising, students at Tongue River Middle School have put together a Veterans Memorial Wall stationed in front of the school along US Highway 14.

Work is not yet complete due to construction delays.


  1. Coming from a military family of over 100 years of combined military service, (And having lost a brother in Vietnam), I cannot express enough– the gratitude to all of you for this undertaking. Your school’s efforts truly DO leave a lasting tribute to those who serve.
    Please contact me so I can contribute to your cause.

  2. Mr. Matejov,
    I am the Principal at Tongue River Middle School. I want to thank you for your service and I am sorry you lost your brother in Vietnam. Please know you have already donated to this cause through your service. God bless you sir!
    Jeff Jones

  3. Outstanding! This Wyoming MS is certainly providing leaders for tomorrow!! Thanks you from a retired Air Force MSgt

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