AARP Warns of Clergy Scam

The AARP Fraud Watch Network has issued a warning to older Americans of a gift card scam where criminals are posing as clergy and asking people to help the less fortunate. Seth Boffelli with the AARP Fraud Watch Network says that this type of scam has become more common during the pandemic.

Seth Boffelli

Boffeli says gift cards have become the currency of choice for scammers, in part because churches routinely collect gift cards at Thanksgiving and other holidays for struggling families. Boffeli says the best way to protect yourself is to not engage if you receive a text or email. You also can call your place of worship, and let them know someone is posing as clergy so the rest of the congregation can be warned.

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Dean Seever
28 days ago

Right, because clergy aren’t already scamming people out of their money in exchange for getting on the good side of some magical sky daddy.

Pat Green
25 days ago
Reply to  Dean Seever

Jesus is Lord and will indeed return as noted by several biblical scholars. I respect that you are surely entitled to your opinion but I simply disagree. There’s a terrific book by Josh McDowell called Evidence that Demand a Verdict that adds a ton of historical facts and evidence of Jesus’s presence and resurrection. McDowell was an avowed atheist who set out to disprove Christianity as a whole but his extensive research produced a far different outcome that expected. Try reading it and if you still don’t believe that Jesus existed I believe it’s at your peril. I don’t want that for you or anyone.