Wyoming GOP Applauds Legislators Contesting Electoral College Votes: “This Is The Time To Fight”

This story first appeared on Cowboy State Daily

By Ellen Fike, Cowboy State Daily

The Wyoming Republican Party is praising U.S. senators and representatives who are willing to contest the results of the Electoral College votes in the presidential election.

“We applaud those U.S. Senators and Representatives willing to stand against election fraud and object to certification of the ill-gotten swing States’ Electoral College votes on January 6th,” the organization wrote in a New Year’s post on their website.

The party, in its website, also linked to a story from The Epoch Times from Dec. 22 that discussed various Republican senators who stated their intention on Jan. 6 to contest the certification of the results of the election between President Donald Trump and President-elect Joe Biden.

A request for comment from Wyoming Republican Party Chairman Frank Eathorne went unreturned as of Wednesday afternoon.

U.S. Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Missouri, on stated his intention to contest the results on Tuesday. Sen. Mo Brooks, R-Alabama, has also confirmed he will contest the results.

“It is reasonable for the American people to expect that a majority of the U.S. Senate will refuse to certify the election, since Republicans control the Senate,” the Wyoming GOP wrote in its post. “This is no time to compromise with Democrats. Efforts to appease them will be for naught if Biden is sworn-in. If Biden does prevail, he should enter the White House with a well-earned stain of illegitimacy that a full Senate refusal to certify would ensure.”

The GOP also encouraged Wyoming residents to call on their congressional delegates, U.S. Sen.-elect Cynthia Lummis and U.S. Sen. John Barrasso and U.S. Rep. Liz Cheney, to request they also contest the vote.

“As Republicans, our Congressional delegation are all members of the Wyoming Republican Party so they should see no conflict in riding for the Republican brand and standing up for our most precious Constitutional right – the right to vote in free and fair elections,” the GOP wrote.

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  1. It’s good to see that at least some Republicans have finally had enough of the antics and machinations of the Democrat Party. Sadly, too few Republican office holders over the decades have exhibited this trait. As to the current “election,” there really isn’t anything new in the Democrat scheme. The “find enough ballots to win” scheme was first observed in the U.S. Senate race in Texas way back in 1948 when Lyndon Johnson’s supporters magically “found” a box full of “ballots” in Duval County, Texas. As it turned out, 100% of these ballots were for Johnson, they were arranged in alphabetical order, and had apparently been filled out using the same ink. Before his death, one of the principal characters involved in this theft confessed to it, I suppose to clear his conscience before heading to the next world. This same “count ’em ’til we win” strategy was used to defeat then-Senator Norm Coleman in Minnesota in 2008. This scheme was targeted to the seven states the Democrats figured (correctly, as it turned out) would decide this “election.” They’re also using it to overturn two Republican congressional elections this year — one in Iowa and one in New York. Of course, the scheme is also chock full of other tawdry methods such as the trite old Democrat trick of having dead people vote as they’ve been doing since the 1960 presidential election. The problem has been that Republican office holders have turned a blind eye to it until now. It’s probably too late to overturn the results of this fraudulent scheme, but I give them an “A” for finally at least trying. Unfortunately, our courts are packed with activist leftists and even the honest, objective judges are likely afraid to give the Trump cases a hearing on the merits for fear that they will be subjected to the same fate as that of two Republican election officials in Wayne County (Detroit) this year. They initially refused to certify the vote in Wayne County due to a massive mismatch between the voter registration rolls and the “mail-in ballots” cast, whereupon they were viciously attacked on social media and subjected to very thinly veiled threats such as “we know where you live” and “we know which school your children attend.” So, between judges who are in the pockets of the left and those who are likely afraid of similar results as those in Detroit, our courts have completely failed the American people. We shall see next Wednesday which Republican Senators will stand up for principle and which will cower to D.C. Swamp creatures and the old guard establishment of the Republican Party in Congress.

    • The most conservative Supreme Court in nearly 90 years tossed this pile of baseless nonsense without even bothering to hear it. If there were any truth to this nonsense Kavanaugh and the rest of the federalists appointed by the Orange abomination would have jumped on any excuse to declare the election void and kept doing it until they elected Trump as dictator for life. The elections over-you lost stop whining please.

  2. Really disappointed in the stance my party is taking. It no longer reflects my social and economic views and instead has become a vessel for bickering and baseless accusations (as has the Democrat party). The election results were clear, there was no fraud, and I’m no longer a registered Republican after this fiasco. Maybe we can get an independent into office one day.

  3. The real voter fraud is FROM the Republicans, who have fought the Voting Rights Act at every turn, have closed polling places, have put up proposals (unconstitutional though they may be) for literacy tests and photo ID, and have sent drunken temp workers to Congressional hearings to sling baseless, inane accusations.

    • I remember when there was only one election day, but now we have election month. Lets just make voting a six month process, and invite the world participate. Would that satisfy you? I think voter ID is a great idea.

      • You are clearly ignorant of U.S. constitutional law because the courts have held — over and over — that requiring a photo ID to vote (NOT to register, by the way) is unconstitutional. But don’t let a little thing like the LAW stand in the way of your opinions.

  4. Glad to see these folks support contesting the election. I contacted Sen Barasso, and incoming Sen Lummis. Unfortunately Ms. Cheney is a lost cause. After she sided with Nancy Pelosi to override the Presidents veto of the NDAA, and making donations to the primary challenger of KY Rep Thomas Massie (R), she has become an embarrassment. It also appears that WY needs a new RC chair. 75,000,000 people across the US didn’t show up to vote for the GOP, they showed up to vote for President Trump.

  5. Glad to see SOME Republicans are finally seeing the light…… Yes, there are many RINO
    s in our state, and we must out them…… Trump did NOT lose the election

    • Agree. Why a Republican can not recognize fraud is beyond comprehension. It is so obvious. Guess some lack the ability grasp the obvious.

  6. so, this is the future of democracy. Every election the loser will cry fraud, hold their breath, kick their feet and Spread information to support their claim. We republicans should be very careful what we wish for, are we destroying the very foundation of America, are we destroying the vote, the confidence in our free elections. What a future for the USA or is there a future????????

  7. These past four years have revealed the true weakness, and cult mentality of to many of our governments representatives and judges. To think that one person like trump could almost take over our government with a coup is astounding. We have much to repair. I do have faith that we will. But we should never forget those who stood by and did nothing, or aided in the attempt to overthrow our elections.

    • Steve Johnson says ….we should never forget those who stood…did nothing or aided…overthrow …elections. Agree!!!
      And those who engaged in the fraud of our elections should be jailed or shot for treason.

    • I take it that the last 4 years of ddemocrats and some repubs constantly trying to bring down your orange menace is a blank slate for you. I’m still waiting for Schifft (D) CA to release the now fired ICIG Atkinson hearing transcripts from over a year ago. Transcripts that will demonstrate that Pelosis articles of impeachment against President Trump were invalid.

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