Scientist: Yellowstone Super Volcano Will Erupt Again And Likely Destroy U.S.

View of Old Faithful erupting with a beautiful deep blue sky in Yellowstone National Park

This story first appeared on Cowboy State Daily

By Jimmy Orr, Cowboy State Daily

It’s like going in the doctor’s office and being asked: “What do you want to hear first, the good news or the bad news?”

That’s what scientists can offer when talking about the giant super volcano under Yellowstone National Park.

The bad news is that the super volcano will erupt and will likely destroy much of the United States. 

The good news is it isn’t likely to happen any time soon.

Michael Poland, the scientist-in-charge of the Yellowstone Volcano Observatory, told AccuWeather last week that the volcano located under the park has erupted at least three times in the past and would “devastate much of the United States” when it erupts again.

The timeframe for such an eruption, however, is such that Americans don’t have to start immediately packing their bags for Antarctica, Mars, or anywhere else. We’ve got some time, he said.

How to know when to start panicking? More seismic activity. A lot more.

Right now, there are between 1,500 and 2,500 earthquakes per year in Yellowstone. Once that number goes up, worrying can follow.

“If we saw earthquake activity begin to pick up in very significant ways,” Poland said. “Instead of seeing thousands of earthquakes every year we would see tens of thousands.”

Plus, there would be deformation in the ground at Yellowstone, he said. That means there would be a noticeable change in elevation. Right now, it moves between 1 and 2 inches per year.

“If it were to suddenly start rising very quickly, that might be another indicator,” Poland said.

But he’s not worried about it.

“There’s no indication that the Yellowstone magmatic system is really going to be waking up anytime soon,” he said.

That’s good news as Yellowstone National Park is expecting a record year for visitation in 2021 and an eruption would likely put a dent in it.

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  1. “When they say peace and safety then sudden destruction cometh upon them.” . . . not to criticize this geologist who made the report and report based on his years of study of Yellowstone and all the daily monitoring that is so very important and vital to everyone who resides in the United States. However I just want to remind those reading this that whether mankind is a believer in anything Biblical I really believe that this earth 🌎 is as an old HYMN states “Hark, what SOUNDETH? Is Creation GROANING FOR HER LATTER DAY?” God’s word informs us in many places that there will be famines and pestilences and earthquakes in divers ( different places) and along with the many references to these things bein more prevalent in the last days of earth’s history and I might add that I saw just yesterday on Facebook where someone had posted a photo with the caption that read ” Normal is not coming back; Jesus IS !” And I can’t help but believe it’s true and truth be known that this terrible experiment with EVIL. Has gone on long enough . . . actually for nearly six thousand years since Lucifer turned Satan was cast out of heaven with one third of his angelic sympathizers and they were cast out of heaven and cast to this earth simply because Lucifer being a CREATED being thought he should be consulted in the upcoming plans for the creation of this earth 🌎 and his history I of his fall is recorded in the books of Isaiah 14:9-23 and Ezekiel 28:11-19.
    Also the Bible records the history of the struggle between truth and error, right and wrong, light and darkness and ultimately Christ and Satan.
    In the book entitled Patriarchs and Prophets is a chapter 8 entitled “After the Flood” contained in the 11th through 13th paragraphs is literally given a “pen picture” describing the condition of the earth after the waters of the worldwide flood of Noah’s day had dried up but here is the 12th paragraph quoted describing how and why and what caused earthquakes and volcanoes.
    ” At this time ( the Flood ) immense forests were buried. These have since been changed to coal, forming the extensive coal beds that now exist and also yielding large quantities of oil. The coal and oil frequently ignite and burn beneath the surface of the earth. Thus rocks are heated, limestone is burned, and iron ore melted. The action of the water upon the lime adds fury to the intense heat, and causes earthquakes, volcanoes and fiery issues. As the fire and water come into contact with ledges of rock and ore, there are heavy explosions underground, which sound like muffled thunder. The air is hot and suffocating. Volcanic eruptions follow; and these often failing to give sufficient vent to the heated elements, the earth itself is convulsed, the ground heaves and swells like the waves of the sea, great fissures appear, and sometimes cities, villages, and burning mountains are swallowed up. These wonderful manifestations will be more and more frequent and terrible just before the second coming of Christ and the end of the world, as signs of its speedy destruction.”
    The reference book that this quote is found in can be obtained by ordering from Amazon or Barnes and Noble as well as Books-A-Million or even directly from the publisher Pacific Press located in Nampa, Idaho.

    • Where’s the scientific proof of your comment friend? You bring theology to a scientific table yet you fail to keep to the prescribed doctrine your own faith says is all you need to know and refer to the written babblings of one who was not ordained nor recognized as having been “instructed by God to make his words written”…therefore 1 is left to draw the conclusion that you, like many other theologians, are promoting the fear mongering crap the rest of them drone on and on about. Tis better to only be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt!

      As scientist in charge, Mike Poland hears a lot of erroneous notions about Yellowstone’s volcanic system. Here are some FAMs — frequently addressed misconceptions:

      Is Yellowstone overdue to erupt?

      No, Poland said. He’s heard claims that Yellowstone erupts every 600,000 years on average. The last major eruption was 631,000 years ago; the two previous eruptions were 2.1 million and 1.3 million years ago, so the average period between them is about 730,000 years. But even that number is based on limited data, and so “is basically useless,” the geophysicist said. And, volcanoes don’t accumulate magma at a regular rate, so they don’t erupt on a regular schedule.

      Will the next Yellowstone eruption be an Armageddon-level blast?

      Not all eruptions are Armageddon, Poland said. The most common form at Yellowstone is a lava flow, and they happen only once every few tens of thousands of years. There have been more than 20 lava flows since the last big explosive eruption 631,000 years ago.

      Can a seismic event on the West Coast trigger an eruption at Yellowstone?

      No. A lot people think all volcanoes are connected, Poland said. They think that the next big Cascadia quake will set Yellowstone off, or vice versa. But volcanoes don’t work that way, he said.

      Are we seeing more volcano activity now?

      No. Volcanoes aren’t any more active now than at any other period of time, Poland said. People tend to have a bias for the significance of recent events, Poland said, and volcanic activity in Hawaii, Iceland and St. Vincent in the Caribbean have been getting a lot of attention.

      The Yellowstone Volcano Observatory is a consortium that includes the state geology agencies of Idaho, Montana and Wyoming; the University of Wyoming; the University of Utah; Montana State University; and the National Park Service. With all those partners, “Part of my job is facilitating work others are doing,” Poland said.

      He also does a lot of science education. Poland will have training sessions this month with park rangers so they can share accurate information about Yellowstone’s volcanic system. He does monthly videocasts with updates on volcanic and seismic activity. The last couple have featured myth-busting segments. There is a lot of misinformation out there, Poland said.

      Even accurate information can be taken out of context, in what might be described as British-tabloid fashion. And that’s not just a figure of speech. In a recent phone interview, Poland said that he’d had an email exchange earlier that morning with a London tabloid reporter.

      She had seen one of Poland’s video updates, and his note on 43 earthquakes the previous month must have sounded kind of tab-licious.

      His response included a reality check: 43 earthquakes actually is below average.

      Poland described Yellowstone as “endlessly interesting. You don’t have to make stuff up.”


  2. We are living in the end of times Yellowstone will erupt Probably within the next 20 years. There are 41 active volcanoes right now in the world that’s the most ever that should tell you something right there

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