Liz Cheney Puts Trump in Her Rear-View Mirror

by Bill Sniffin

The shocking sight of Wyoming’s lone U. S. Representative voting to impeach President Donald Trump was devastating to thousands of Cowboy State residents.

Wyoming supported Trump to a larger extent than any other state, with more than 70% of its voters casting ballots for the incumbent president. 

When Cheney voted against Trump, it truly made national headlines and was the lead story on the nightly news. As the third-ranking Republican in the U. S. House, her vote was seismic.  It sent shock waves from one end of the country to the other. It was an earthquake back here in Wyoming.

The reaction to her announcement was swift and critical. Cowboy State Daily put its version of the Cheney announcement on Facebook, and it had 889 mostly negative comments, 67 shares, and 1,111 likes. 

This is an amazing reaction when you assume that every other news organization in the state was also putting the same story out on social media. It goes to show the amount of interest in her decision.

She said her vote was a matter of conscience but others had more cynical views.

A lot of observers have always seen Liz as having higher national ambitions.  Like being the first Republican woman to run for president. Or to emulate her father Dick Cheney, who served eight years as vice-president to President George W. Bush. It was easy to be proud of her for her ranking as third-most powerful Republican in the House and she seemed perfectly set up to seek even higher national office. 

Interestingly, while her stock fell sharply here in Wyoming, her stock may have risen across the country.  Not every state has been as loyal to Trump as Wyoming. 

The media elite was almost unanimous in running the story as their lead, heaping high praise on her for her courage.

Back here in Wyoming, there was some support for her decision.  Most was from Democrats and Independents but there were also some from more moderate members of the Republican party, like former Gov. Jim Geringer, former U.S. Sen. Al Simpson and former U.S. House candidate Rod Miller. A group of prominent lawyers and judges also supported it including former Democrat governors Dave Freudenthal and Mike Sullivan. 

As I write this on Jan. 17, there are 25,000 names on a petition to recall her.  This is futile, since Wyoming does not have a method to recall elected officials, but it shows the level of negative feeling out there about her decision.

Her biggest critics came directly from the state Republican Party.

The party condemned Cheney’s vote, stating that in recent memory, there has never been as much feedback from Wyoming Republicans as there has been against Trump’s impeachment and Cheney’s vote.

The  statement attributed to Wyoming Republican Party leadership listed a number of comments the party has received since the vote, none of which were supportive of Cheney’s position.

“The consensus is clear that those who are reaching out to the Party vehemently disagree with Representative Cheney’s decision and actions,” reads the statement.

“Representative Cheney has aligned herself with leftists who are screaming that what happened (Jan. 6) is the ‘worst thing ever in our history’ (or similar such claims),” reads another.

In an interview with media, Cheney addressed what she saw as the historical significance of the storming of the Capitol on Jan. 6, stating that this is a “very dangerous moment for our nation” and noting the presence of U.S. troops in the Capitol.

Cheney emphasized the gravity of the situation many times during the 15-minute phone call, mentioning that the vote to impeach was done with a “heavy heart” but adding that for her, there was no other option.

“This is a moment when it’s important for all of us to recognize that our Republic is very fragile, and that we all have an obligation to ensure we’re doing everything that we’re compelled to do by our oath to ensure the survival of that Republic,” Cheney said.

“There are times when those of us as elected officials are called on to act in a way that does not take politics into consideration,” she said. “Dealing with something as serious and as grave as the attack on the Capitol is one of those times.” Cheney’s actions sure looked like she really was trying to put President Donald J. Trump in her rearview mirror.  But to thousands of Cowboy State voters, it looked like she was also putting Wyoming in her rearview mirror.

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ray olson
2 months ago

What level of cognitive dissonance does it take to continue to support Trump after 1-6-21?

Hardy Smith
2 months ago

Excellent report. Liz Cheney knows precisely what she is doing. I agree with her words, compelled to do. She is not representing Wyoming because Wyoming compelled her not to support impeachment. But who she represents dam well expected her to support impeachment.

Carol Pitchford
2 months ago
Reply to  Hardy Smith

Thank you Hardy ~ someone, Not Wyomingites, were directing her!

kermit krokker
2 months ago

Her courage to follow her moral code and the constitution is unquestioned

Mitch Smith
2 months ago

She just doesn’t “get it” She behaves like she is from washinngton DC…… I bet she might have trouble getting a resident fishing license? Liz needs to go………

Ross Holter
2 months ago

Liz Cheney actually does represent the majority of Wyomingites. As we are a people who are respectful, kind, and follow the rule of law. All traits that President Trump lacks. Thank you Liz.

Last edited 2 months ago by Ross Holter
Fred Osborn
2 months ago
Reply to  Ross Holter

I concur,although I question her guidance from her pops.

Paul Huson
2 months ago

She was wrong in blaming the President without solid evidence. She showed a serious lack of judgment and displayed immature behavior. I don’t want a person like her representing us.

Fred Osborn
2 months ago

The entire world needs to follow suit,the sooner the better.

Peggy Skinner
2 months ago

It is insurrection when you have no evidence on your side, have made and lost your court battles, but still insist that since your side didn’t win, it wasn’t a legitimate election and it should be overturned, by violence if necessary. Thank you Elizabeth Cheney for upholding democracy.

Cindy Livingston
2 months ago
Reply to  Peggy Skinner

For many, myself included, It was never an issue of winning or losing, it was and still is an issue of a fair election. It was not an insurrection to be blamed on Trump, it is that people can only listen to so much rhetoric and can only be pushed so far. In the world that we live in where everyone has a cell phone and the means to broadcast everything from “hey, look what I am eating for dinner” to “hey, look, there is fraud happening in our election”, we are very aware of everything that is going on first hand as people live stream it. I truly believe that voters would have accepted the election results if they knew that the election was actually run fairly with only legally registered votes counted. There have been arrests of people who were going door to door claiming they worked for the government and harvesting ballots and then substituting the Republican voted ballots for Democrat ones. The mainstream media has been inciting riots for the past 4 years as they told slanted stories or completely changed them in order to get people to believe their narrative. For me, it became a challenge to listen to what Trump said in live appearances and then compare it to what the media reported. I have yet to find one appearance that was accurately reported. Like I said, people can only be pushed so far. I do not condone violence or any kind of destruction and I also do not condone the media’s gross manipulation and brain washing. People have had enough. In conclusion, the job of a State Representative is to Represent their people in government. A pretty large swath of people in our state do not feel like she is doing that. It is sad that we cannot fire Liz as she is not doing the job that she was hired to do.

Fred Osborn
2 months ago

Why all this rhetoric about Cheney now? Where was all this rhetoric before she was elected? I smell a bad case of hypocrisy.

Peggy Skinner
2 months ago

So, you think even the Trump appointed judges who declared it a fair and free election are part of some vast conspiracy against Trump? On anything but this wouldn’t you demand actual evidence, not “well this guy claims”.

Fred Osborn
2 months ago

One has to think where this once great nation is headed after four dark years in it’s timeline. Thank God the trial by fire is about over.