Sheridan Memorial Hospital Downtown Primary Care Clinic Opens August 1st

Kevin Koile - Sheridan Media

Beginning Monday, those who need medical care from the Sheridan Memorial Hospital don’t always have to go to the main hospital building.

Back in early May the hospital board of directors approved funding to renovate what is now the new downtown primary care clinic located on the northeast corner of South Gould and East Works Street.

A number of physicians have been transferred to the new facility, which will also have space for blood draw and phlebotomy work, as well as areas for tele-health appointments.

Hospital President Mike McCafferty says some members of the public have brought up concerns about parking in the area, and there may be an answer to that.

Mike McCafferty

“We have a parking lot just to the west of the building across Gould Street that has 30 spaces that is dedicated for patients and their family members and we will be communicating, making sure very visibility that people see that that is our parking for our customers and we would hope that people in and around that area respect that and leave those spaces open for our patients as well.”

McCafferty adds the clinic will be open Monday thru Friday from 8am to 5pm, and anticipates more than 300 patients in the first week of operation.

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