Tongue River’s Gamble Pays Off To Beat Big Horn Football

Kevin Koile - Sheridan Media

Get the ball into the hands of Garrett Ostler and let the senior wide receiver take care of the rest.

The senior caught all 3 touchdowns for Tongue River and ended up catching the winning 2-point conversion with 59.7 seconds to go, as the Eagles defeated Big Horn on homecoming and senior night, 22-21.

TR had lost 10 straight vs. BH, and had not beaten the Rams since 2006.

The visitors were up 7-0 after 1 quarter, and 14-0 at halftime.

Tongue River got their act together in the second half, as Ostler caught 2 TD passes to tie things up at 14, at the end of 3 quarters.

Things were going back and forth in the 4th quarter, until Big Horn came up with an interception, and cashed in a few plays later, to go ahead 21-14.

TR had some work to do, but they would turn the ball over again on a fumble.

Thankfully for the Eagles, the defense was able to hold, forcing the Rams to punt.

Facing a 4th and 7, from their own 36, with time being a factor, Tongue River had to go for it.

On a half-back option pass from Connor Cummins, Ostler made the catch between 2 defenders and was off to the races, 64 yards, for his 3rd TD, to make it 21-20 with 59.7 seconds to go.

TR elected to go for 2, and it appeared Eli Cummins succeeded when he dived for the pylon.

The play was called back for holding, which ended up being on Ostler.

Penalties plagued both teams all game long.

After the penalty was enforced, the Eagles elected to for 2 again.

Cummins was able to find Ostler and the latter made up for his penalty, to put his team ahead 22-21.

The Rams had some time to put something together, but the Tongue River defense was able to hold, to secure the win.

TR is now 3-4 on the season, and have a small chance to make the playoffs.

They need to win their regular season finale at Glenrock first (Friday, October 22nd 6pm), then get some help.

Big Horn is now 4-3 on the season, and can make the playoffs with a win in their regular season finale at home vs. Upton-Sundance (Friday, October 22nd 1pm).

First Quarter:

0:03 – 0:12 Jacob Knobloch (Tongue River) sacks Cooper Garber (Big Horn)

0:13 – 0:23 Garber 15 yard pass to Dylan Greenough-Groom from the Tongue River 16 to the Tongue River 1

0:24 – 0:33 Greenough-Green 1 yard touchdown run. Big Horn called for holding.

0:34 – 0:47 Greenough-Groom 7 yard touchdown run Big Horn 7 Tongue River 0

0:48 – 0:57 Noah Maneval (Tongue River) sacks Garber (Big Horn)

2nd Quarter:

0:58 – 1:10 #3 (Big Horn…not listed in program) intercepts Eli Cummins (Tongue River)

1:11 – 1:22 Cache Van Tassel (Tongue River) tackles Dawson Richards (Big Horn) for a loss

1:23 – 1:33 Garber 3 yard touchdown pass to Cade Butler Big Horn 14 Tongue River 0

1:34 – 1:37 Tongue River’s homecoming King and Queen

3rd Quarter:

1:38 – 1:52 Van Tassel 40 yard run from Tongue River 40 to Big Horn 20

1:53 – 2:08 Cummins 16 yard touchdown pass to Garrett Ostler Big Horn 14 Tongue River 7

2:09 – 2:20 Cummins 9 yard run from Big Horn 33 to Big Horn 24 on 4th and 5

2:21 – 2:38 Cummins 33 yard touchdown pass to Ostler Big Horn 14 Tongue River 14

2:39 – 2:44 Tongue River Eagle mascot dancing to Cotton Eye Joe

4th Quarter:

2:45 – 2:59 Butler (Big Horn) intercepts Ryan McCafferty (Tongue River)

3:00 – 3:10 Garber 4 yard touchdown run Big Horn 21 Tongue River 14

3:11 – 3:23 McCafferty (Tongue River) fumbles. Drew Heermann (Big Horn) recovers

3:24 – 3:41 Connor Cummins 64 yard touchdown pass to Ostler on 4th and 7 from Tongue River 36 Big Horn 21 Tongue River 20 with 59.7 seconds remaining.

3:42 – 3:56 Cummins run in 2-point conversion. Tongue River called for holding.

3:57 – 4:09 Cummins pass to Ostler for 2-point conversion Tongue River 22 Big Horn 21

4:10 – 4:19 Big Horn attempts hook and ladder play on 4th down but fumbles. Tongue River recovers.

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