Buffalo Selected for Revitalization TV Show

Buffalo is one of six communities that have been chosen for revitalization efforts in a new HGTV series called, “Home Town Kickstart Presented by PEOPLE Magazine.”

According to a release on HGTV.com, the new series will be modeled after two of their hit series, “Home Town” and “Home Town Takeover,” and is scheduled to premiere in 2022.

“Home Town Kickstart Presented by PEOPLE” will give six small towns: Buffalo, Wyoming; Cornwall, New York; Winslow, Arizona; LaGrange, Kentucky; Thomaston, Georgia; and Minden, Louisiana a major boost to re-energize their revitalization efforts.

In the release the network said, the upcoming series “will mobilize and deploy its biggest stars to activate a three-pronged kickstart mission for each selected town: refresh the home of a local hero, give a small business an upgrade and invigorate a public space that will forever change the lives of everyone in the town. In addition, PEOPLE magazine will share the unique stories of each town and its most intriguing people.”

We will have more on possible projects for Buffalo’s revitalization effort and reactions from city leaders in upcoming stories.


  1. I think it is a great thing for buffalo and the people and small businesses it will let people know how special of a place buffalo really is

    • The big change started with Longmire Days. The increase in out of state moves started with that. The values of the town lost to a book series. The tv show will simply be the death knell.

    • I agree Eddie- I think this will be wonderful for Buffalo and its small businesses. As with any type of growth we will have some growing pains but the rewards will far out weigh the negative.

  2. I don’t think it’s a good idea at all. It will have far greater negative impact than good. Let’s start under the radar.. Enough people with different values moving in, if you haven’t noticed the change in driving habits and litter increase.

  3. This a terribly sad thing. I grew up in western wyoming and watched my community destroyed by development and media exposure It’s more tragic than anyone can imagine. Sad to see it happen to other communities. Rural gentrification rips apart long standing communities and up ends the values that make small towns special.

  4. I miss Buffalo greatly I really hope it doesn’t change the place. Moved out 10 years ago and long for the place I lived in on Sundet Dr. Someday I hope to be back.

  5. I personally don’t think this will be good for the small town. I love living in a small town where people know and care about each other. I have lived in a big city of about 175,000 and yes there is great shopping and eating places. But everything and everyone is in a rush. A small town is more relaxed and a healthier place to live. I think the revitalization efforts in a new HGTV series will ruin Buffalo and the way of life that we all love. Too many out of state people will change the values of the “home town people” and it won’t be for the good of Buffalo and surrounding area. There is a saying “Let it Be” that fits this situation.

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