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Celtics Fall Apart in Game 7, Jokic Setup for Historic Finals, Monaco a Problem for F1? | Podcast

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Welcome to the Weekend Sports Wrap Podcast! This week, James discusses the disaster that was game 7 for the Boston Celtics, and what the Celtics should do now to salvage one of the best talents in the league. Plus, Nikola Jokic is set up to put together a historic NBA Finals, Why he could dominate the Heat. Also, with the Indy 500 outshining the Monaco Grand Prix in terms of racing competition, does F1 have a problem with their premier race being the dullest on the schedule? Finally, the story of the college football offseason has been Deion Sanders hiring by the Colorado Buffaloes, a question is posed, what is a successful season for Colorado according to their fans? Remember to rate and follow!



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    June 1, 2023 at 8:15 pm

    Several of your points are valid; car length, the unchanged classic street circuit, and I remember when the chicane out of the tunnel was actually a chicane. That said, Monaco represents a tradition that endures and if you ask the drivers I’d wager that none of them want to see it go. F1 also has a tiered qualification regimen. Regarding the enumeration of “overtakes” please note that most of Indy’s “entertainment” value is the result of crashes, often horrific. If Monaco is frustrating (although you admit that’s certainly one you’d like to visit) then the choice is to not watch. I don’t think it’s a problem for F1, or a problem for the ever increasing American viewership of F1. Many people around the world enjoy cars that don’t only turn left. Monaco v. Indy is apples/oranges. They don’t get “outshined” one against the other. You just have to get up earlier to watch Monaco on television. Otherwise good commentary; it’s clear you actually watch.

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      James Timberlake

      June 2, 2023 at 10:14 am

      Thanks for listening Wes! You’re probably right about the Indy/F1 apples-to-oranges comparison, it was probably more prisoner of the moment for me having to watch Monaco early in the morning, which for Monaco got pretty exciting towards the end, but then switching to the Indy 500 which was wrought with controversy and a very exciting finish. They aren’t the same races by any extension, however, they do carry the same weight for their particular sport, winning Monaco etches you in F1 history similar to the Indy 500 with IndyCar, more so than any of their other races, and for reasons that are nearly impossible to change Monaco can be seen as boring in comparison to a lot of the other races in the F1 circuit. But with that being said, if I had to pick a race I would want to watch in the calendar for either sport it would easily be Monaco. Again thank you so much for listening and commenting!

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