Harriet Hageman Explains Trump Comment on Putin

Harriet Hageman, who is running against incumbent Liz Cheney for Wyoming’s lone seat in the US House of Representatives, spoke at a town hall event in Buffalo Tuesday to answer questions and meet with local voters.

In an interview with Sheridan Media before the event, Hageman was asked how she felt about the comment made by former President Donald Trump concerning his belief that Russian President Vladimir Putin was a genius and savvy for invading Ukraine.

Hageman said she is totally against what Putin has done to Ukraine, and has heard Trump say the same thing.

She said he was saying the US should not have bad domestic policy to empower someone like Putin because they will take advantage of the situation, and he did.


  1. Trump empowered Putin, his buddy who he calls a genius.
    You sound like an excuser /enabler of Trump; please stop.
    Facts are facts and I rather vote for a straight shooter like Cheney. Even if I do not always agree with her, at least I know she has principles and chooses country and constitution over party, a straight shooter with a spine has my respect way over your weak enabling.

    • ROFLMAO–heck yeah! that 40 million dollar taxpayer russian collusion investigation proved trump was a soviet spy for putin… darn right! What? Evidence? We dont need no evidence to say stupid things..thanks for the laugh Herm

  2. Biden said that putin was a worthy adversary. Dont recall the media getting bent out of shape over that.

  3. Just another trump toady…Toadies will do Anything for a endorsement and a kiss on the cheek, from the wizard of Lie.

  4. And when does Cheney ever drop by our small towns and explain herself? If she dares to come to the state without announcement and not publicized as she is scared to death. Guess she needs a fence around her to keep pushing best pal Pelosi’s lies. Why would these Joe Biden lovers above be defending poor Liz? Because they love watching her on MSNBC bashing republicans.Cheney is an embarrassment to the state of Wyoming.

    • If protecting the Constitution from an overthrow is an embarrassment, then we should just invite the wizard of lie’s genius Putin to take over this country too. It apparently has escaped your attention that all Liz has done to trump is to vote to impeach him, the rest of her term she has voted over 90% of the time with his agenda. But then FACTS are often a nuisance to some folks.

    • “Cheney is an embarrassment to the state of Wyoming.” ROTFLMAO….how much do you get paid by the failed gop cult to spout that chicken fodder? Must get it from the same spitoon the other trump lovers on here get thiers.

  5. Given both Russias miserable performance on the battlefield and their misjudgment of the worlds reaction to the invasion of Ukraine I think it’s pretty clear that Putin is no genius and Trump most likely isn’t either. It’s time for all sides to make an effort to get over their unhealthy obsession with Trump, he’s no longer president.

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