Barrasso: ‘It’s Time to Stop the President & the Democrats’ Declared War on American Energy’

U.S. Senator John Barrasso (Photo Ron Richter ©)

U.S. Senator John Barrasso of Wyoming spoke on the Senate floor Tuesday about what he referred to as President Biden’s war on American energy. Barrasso, a ranking member of the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, said he came to the floor to talk about the need for more American energy – not the energy the President is begging OPEC or Russia to produce for America.

Senator Barrasso

Barrasso said last week an estimated 50 million people over Thanksgiving weekend took to the roads and those who drove paid the most for gasoline that they have in seven years. Barrasso noted that gasoline and diesel fuel prices are sky high, and they have increased by more than a dollar a gallon since Joe Biden took office in January.


  1. Barrasso is wrong…the Biden administration just opened up just over 80 million acres of oil for drilling in the Gulf of Mexico…enough oil for decades…80 million acres of drilling area is twice the size of the state of Florida…the Biden administration has been assigning over 300 drilling permits per month to oil companies…more than the past Trump administration allowed

    • The enviros have filed lawsuits over that, so it might take awhile for it to come to fruition. But thanks for pointing out the biden lied about ‘leading by example’ to reduce carbon emissions at the climate summit in Glasgow. It also flies in the face of his EO that temporarily halted oil and gas permits on public and ocean lands in the US. Youre also forgetting that a federal judge in Louisiana ordered biden to lift the moratorium which forced the biden admin to hold this 80 million acre auction. According to psaki, they didnt want to do it, but they didnt want to fight it either. Biden speaking out of both sides of his mouth again.

    • I stand with Liz Cheney and so should YOU!!!! If you still support that so called ex President after the insurrection, there is something wrong with you. That was an assault on our democracy. I couldn’t believe this happened in America. He wanted to become a Putin. It’s okay to be a Republican but quit insulting Democrats and start working with them. It’s called Democracy. The same situation with the economy would have happened if Trump was still in office. This pandemic has not only affected our economy but everybodys. Biden is trying to help Americans. He’s increased Social Security benefits, tapped into oil reserve to reduce gas prices, encouraged people to get vaccinated, and is trying to work with Republicans. Give him a break.

  2. Welcome to Joe’s America! Gas prices are high, heating costs through the roof (No pun intended) Covid deaths are higher in one year than Trump had, and Joe got the vaccine from Trump admin! Afghanistan debacle, southern border is a mess (I guess Trump’s idea worked well joe?) Xenophobic ideals from Trump aren’t so bad from South Africa? How ’bout a little inflation to add to a misery for the American people? Do you miss Trump yet?

  3. Just Another trump toady, living in fear of the great god of insurrection. I fear for our democracy when our Senators will NOT keep their oath to preserve and protect our Constitution.

  4. It’s not a war on energy- it’s a battle against pollution and waste. There are more than 5 million acres in Wy. that are under lease but not developed- enough to support years of extraction at current rates while the Fed looks into leasing policy ( the tax rate on leases has not been raised in a century and cleanup bonds to not come close to paying the cost of reclamation ever). As a DR. one would think you would at least be a little concerned about climate change which has proven impacts on the health of the entire planet, but then you’re rating from the AMA was a C-, I would hope you would strive to improve your grade as a Senator but I’ve seen no evidence of it (though I’m sure your cooperate owners rate you much higher).

  5. Welcome to Wyoming. The new Colorado….which was the new California (as evidenced by the “let them eat cake” crowd in the peanut gallery). The diatribe is always the same..”this is a GREAT place, it just needs more………” WYO is an energy producing state and the reason we don’t have a state income tax and many other benefits afforded to both natives and transplants. Don’t like our politics? Feel free to take the next bus south.

    • Read what I wrote- the point is that Wyoming is losing bucket loads of money because industry lobbyists buy politicians to keep fees that they pay artificially low. The snark is weak in you.

      • “Industry lobbyists buy politicians to keep fees that they pay artificially low.” An “industry lobbyist” is nothing more than a bribery con artist, sort of like a car salesman.

  6. America runs on oil, and efforts to hamstring oil production leads to higher prices for every commodity that needs to be shipped. At the present, there are no electric semis that can do the job of those that are diesel. So until those electric semis start rolling off of the assembly line, which will probably be well beyond my lifetime, prices will continue to rise across the board. And the people who will suffer the most are the working poor.

    • And how do they propose to charge the batteries? Electricity. It’s been proven that solar and wind, especially in the northern states is not a completely sustainable energy source. You are going to have to use some kind of power plant, especially in the winter and summer months for heating and cooling. It basically moves the pollution some where else. Casper has the graveyard for wind turbine blades, I don’t know how long it will take them to deteriorate. We are on the radar for a nuclear waste facility. Climate change? It’s been changing since the flood of Noah! Volcanoes put out more greenhouse gases than people create! When is China and other countries going to keep up their end of the bargain? Never! These politicians that cry foul about vehicle emissions – when are they going to fly in their electric jets? Can’t wait for that!! LOL! I’m with you Scott Thomas, you don’t like Wyoming politics, go back to where you came from! We’ll help you pack!

      • Actually, volcanoes put out tons of silicates in the atmosphere- which lead to global cooling. Please get your facts in a row.

  7. Barrasso does nothing but bad mouth the other party. I doen’t think the senators do anything constructive anyway.

  8. Blah…blah…blah. A dysfunctional bunch of do nothings in the Senate has led to total division as planned. There,perhaps that comment will appease the editor since my first comment was not good enough for the PC police.

  9. What you are seeing here is the Californication of WY (and some liberal sniping by out of state trolls). If you want to keep this disease out of WY, you better vote. They think Biden/Pelosi/AOC direction is the salvation of the country, despite the outcome in the state they left. Marketing and fear are powerful forces.

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