Liz Cheney Opponents To Meet With Trump In Hopes Of Getting Endorsement

Donald Trump will meet with Republicans running against Rep. Liz Cheney next week, and endorse one in the next few months, the former president said in a statement Tuesday (July 20th).

Trump will meet with them in Bedminster, New Jersey, home of the Trump National Golf Club Bedminster, where he has moved for the summer.

He didn’t specify who would be there.

Cheney has “some very interesting candidates running against her” but the field of opponents should eventually be narrowed down to just one, Trump said in the statement.

Quite a few candidates who don’t win Trump’s endorsement or are otherwise disfavored would need to drop out for a single candidate to oppose Cheney in the 2022 GOP primary.

The Wyoming Legislature in March defeated a Donald Trump Jr.-backed proposal for runoff primary elections.

So far, at least seven Republicans have said they’re running against Cheney following her vote to impeach Trump for his role in the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol.

They include Cheyenne attorney and businessman Darin Smith; retired U.S. Army Col. Denton Knapp, who has said he’s headed back to Wyoming after living elsewhere since high school; state Sen. Anthony Bouchard of Cheyenne; and state Rep. Chuck Gray of Casper.

None immediately answered on the record Tuesday if they planned to meet with Trump or would agree to drop out if they didn’t get his endorsement.

Cheney is the elder daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney.

First elected in 2016, she is Wyoming’s lone representative in the U.S. House.

Her vote to impeach Trump and not back down from blaming him for the riot caused fellow Republicans to vote Cheney out a high-ranking House GOP leadership post in May.

House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi recently named Cheney and seven Democrats to a committee to investigate the riot. House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy announced Monday he’d chosen five Republicans for the panel.

Cheney has said she voted to impeach Trump in defense of the Constitution. Asked about Trump’s statement Monday, Cheney spokesman Jeremy Adler pointed out a May interview on NBC’s “Today” show where she was asked about the field of opponents.

“Bring it on,” Cheney said.


  1. In posting this comment, I’m fully aware that it will draw the usual wrath of this comment board’s small but vocal band of Trump haters who will undoubtedly reply with their usual short, meaningless epithets and/or diatribes mocking anyone who dares disagree with them, but here are my thoughts on this. First, good for Trump for realizing that the only likely way for Ms. “Bring It On” Cheney gets the Republican nomination will be if a herd of prospective candidates remain on the ballot. She’s many things, but stupid isn’t one of them. The model for this was Gordon’s receiving some 30% of the Republican primary votes in a stacked group of candidates. And in accordance with the traditions of the House, Pelosi had no business “naming” her to the upcoming stacked, kangaroo court aka the committee to investigate the “riot.” Cheney herself volunteered to “serve” on that committee. I continue to wonder whether Cheney is interested at all in investigating the groups responsible for the genuine riots in Portland and Seattle — one of which involved the storming and damaging of a federal court house! Cheney oozes the same type of ad hominem hatred that those who often post on this board do. That’s fine for a comment board but it has no place in the halls of Congress. Her views on Donald Trump are clearly not shared by the vast majority of Wyomingites, over 70% of whom voted for him last year. This begs the question of just who it is that she is really representing.

    • I’m proud to have Cheney representing Wyoming. She is honest and Trump is not. She has integrity and Trump doesn’t. Trump is a liar, a grifter, and a thief, among many other things. History will not be kind to the Orange One. His term was disastrous. His mishandling of the COVID virus cost the lives of hundreds of thousands of Americans. Only a fool would support him.

    • Boy Charlie, I did not realize us “trump haters” are so wrathfully hard on you, that you would even hesitate to post your “thoughts”. So as a member of the small {much larger than you realize} vocal group, I sincerely hope you will continue to be a part of this American sharing different viewpoints, without fear.. Sorry Charlie !!!

  2. Trump endorsement?…or kiss of political death?…hasn’t worked out well for most any Trump endorsed candidate so far has it?…

  3. Cheney the RINO needs to go! Those of you who want to turn Wyoming into another California or New York are welcome to go with her!

  4. Bo from Sheridan has my vote, BUT! Whoever gets Trump approval will get my vote. Anyone except that lady from Virginia!

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