Big Horn Homecoming King and Queen

BH High School Homecoming King and Queen Chrysanthi Paninos and Carson Bates. (Photo Ron Richter©)

The Homecoming King and Queen for Big Horn High School were crowned Friday night at halftime of the Rams football game. This year’s Homecoming King and Queen are Carson Bates and Chrysanthi Paninos.

Chrysanthi Paninos and Carson Bates (Photo Ron Richter ©)
BH Homecoming Royalty having a little fun Friday night. (Photo Ron Richter ©)


  1. So I guess Sheridan has beaten back COVID completely, since there are no masks or social distancing happening in these photos. Congratulations!

    • With a 99.97% survival rate, and almost 100% for healthy people, I think it is fair to say masks aren’t needed among the people in these photos.

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