New Longmire Book Releases September 22nd

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Author Craig Johnson’s new Longmire Book, “Next to Last Stand” will be released Tuesday, September 22nd, and a handful of virtual events as well as one in person are scheduled to help kickoff the release.

Virtual events are scheduled in different cities every day this week, along with actors from the series joining Johnson at the events virtually to read excerpts from the book as well.

An in-person drive-through book signing will be happening on Sunday, September 27th at Sheridan Stationary beginning at noon, which will wrap the week-long book signing events.

On the Longmire website, Johnson’s wrote, “Next To Last Stand is a fun novel and a bit of a departure from my previous books. It’s Walt’s first art-heist and bit of a softer touch with hopefully a strong streak of humor. There’s a lot of history, which you might expect from a novel that delves into one of the most controversial battles in the annals of Western storytelling, some of it a bit eye-opening.”

For more information on the virtual events, click here:

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Stephanie Barr
2 months ago

Loved the seasons on Netflix

Reply to  Stephanie Barr
2 months ago

I’ve been addicted to the Netflix show for a couple months, watch some episodes every other day, cuz Longmire’s cabin looks so much like
my former summer cabin in Montana!and such great stories…
can’t wait for the new book!!

Laurel Stephens
2 months ago

Sooo excited about a new Longmire book release!! We discovered it on Netflix about a month ago and we were immediately hooked! We fell into a deep fuge when it was over, so now we can live again!! Sure do hope it’s made into another Netflix series! Thank you!

Blaire Moore
2 months ago

I got hooked on Longmire once I discovered it on Netflix. Hope there’s a new series coming!!