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BPD Chief advises locking up property

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Buffalo Police Department Chief Sean Bisset recommended that the public ensure their property; cars, homes, garages and businesses are properly secured under lock and key. 

Last week, a rash of vehicle thefts was reported to the BPD. Chief Bisset said a suspect was taken into custody after an investigation revealed some troubling video footage. 

Chief S. Bisset

The BPD Chief is advising members of the community to ensure car doors are locked as he feels many of these thefts are crimes of opportunity, noting the suspect quickly abandoned attempts to enter into buildings that had been secured.  

Further forensic investigation revealed the suspect utilized a cellular device to obtain credit card numbers without the need to take the actual card itself. 

Chief S. Bisset

According to Bisset, in past cases, people have taken only the number of the card and made small purchases that went unnoticed to determine if the card has been turned off before making larger purchases or cash transfers.

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