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SCLT announces new trail guides

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Sheridan Community Land Trust wants to ensure that the public knows what kid of flora and fauna they may come across while enjoying the outdoors. 

SCLT has a new way to help the public connect with the Sheridan area land and natural history. The land trust has partnered with Waterford Press to create pocket nature guides for Red Grade Trails and the Soldier Ridge Trail System. These guides include many of the wildflowers, trees, shrubs, insects, and birds people may encounter while enjoying the trail systems.

SCLT wished to thank Carol and Sam Mavrakis of The Seidler Foundation for making this handy way to learn possible.

Available soon, the public can reserve a copy (or copies) today. The Red Grade Trails guides are currently available for pickup at the SCLT Office. The Soldier Ridge Trail System guides will be available approximately July 10.

Reserve the Red Grade Trails and Soldier Ridge Trail System pocket nature guides by clicking here

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