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Leftover licenses application begins soon 

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The scheduled draw results for deer, elk and antelope and nonresident deer and antelope is June 18.

Wyoming Game and Fish Department Public Information Specialist Christina Schmidt said she has noticed that fewer licenses appear to be leftover each year. 

C. Schmidt 

According to Schmidt, the application period for leftover licenses will be June 24-28. Tentative results of the leftover draw are scheduled to be available on July 9. Over the Counter license sales then begin on July 17. 

She asks the public to keep in mind that many of the licenses leftover after the initial draw going on sale over the counter are in areas that may have limited public access for hunting. 

C. Schmidt 

Schmidt recommends researching the area and obtaining landowner permission for a place to hunt before one applies. Game and Fish have a resource – the Hunt Planner – on the Game and Fish Department website that offers detailed information to help hunters make an informed choice on what area and license type to put in for this season. 

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