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WYG&F: please leave baby animals alone

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Deer, elk and antelope are having fawns. Wyoming Game and Fish is asking the public who may encounter a fawn or calf, to not approach, touch or move the animal. 

Game and Fish Public Information Specialist Christina Schmidt said fawns are intentionally left by their mothers for the first few weeks of life. The fawns are very vulnerable and instinctively remain quiet and still for the majority of the day. The mother comes regularly to feed the youngster, but otherwise stays a distance away in order to prevent predators from locating the fawn. Even if people don’t see a doe nearby, she is likely in the area and is caring for the fawn. 

Many bird species have already hatched chicks and others will soon. 

C. Schmidt  

Schmidt said many times the mother bird may be teaching chicks to fly, which isn’t always easy and results in many chicks on the ground. Although one may not be able to see the mother bird, she is most likely in the area. 

C. Schmidt  

The department is advising the public to please not touch, handle or move any wildlife. And please keep a distance from doe deer and antelope, and cow elk, as they may become protective of hidden calves nearby. 

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