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History Happy Hour to discuss Clearmont

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Museum at the Bighorns Director of Museum Operations Chip King made an appearance on Sheridan Media’s Public Pulse to discuss the next History Happy. 

Facilitated by members of the museum’s board and King, the program offers an opportunity for residents and visitors of Sheridan County to gather, share insights and perspectives of local history in a less formal setting while sharing a drink or two.

King said the program was designed to gather community members and provide a subject. The rest of the time is taken by community members telling stories, sharing histories and engaging in conversation.

C. King  

King said the next History Happy Hour will take place in Clearmont. 

C. King  

Currently, The Museum at the Bighorns is shut down while staff work to properly relocate the many historical items of the Museum’s collection to Sheridan’s downtown. But the ongoing program History Happy Hour remains popular among those in the community seeking a little history. 

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