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Jennings Announces Run for Senate District 22

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Sheridan’s Mark Jennings, who has served in Wyoming’s House District 30 since 2015, has announced his intent to run for Wyoming Senate District 22 (Johnson-Sheridan).

Jennings, in a release, said, “I am honored and humbled that the people of Sheridan County have allowed me to represent them these past ten years and now I am asking for their continued support to allow me to serve both the people of House District 30 and Johnson County’s House District 40. While the landscape of the Wyoming economy has changed, the platforms that I ran on have not. I still believe that our government should be smaller, more efficient and live within its means (just as we as individuals must do).”

He continued, saying he believes in a strong, traditional family unit as well as in the protection of life, adding that Wyoming is a strong state and that with less governmental regulation and more of the rugged individualism that makes for great competition, the economy will grow.

He is pro-second amendment, believing people should be able to protect themselves, and be pro-active in our safety and the safety of our families.

He said, if elected to the Wyoming Senate, he will continue to uphold his promise to work to decrease spending, demand property tax relief and reform, stand for individual rights and protect our constitutional liberties.

He also said he endorses Tom Kelly, who is running for State Representative of House District 30, believing he will maintain the conservative voice in that position.

We have provided contact information for Mark Jennings here:



Phone: (307) 461-0697

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