Building on North Gould Property Could Be Coming Down

The future of the Cook Ford building on property owned by the City of Sheridan at 103 North Gould Street was an item of discussion at Monday night’s Sheridan City Council study session. Sheridan Media’s Ron Richter has the details.


In 2018 the City of Sheridan purchased the property at 103 North Gould Street, which included the Cook Ford building. In 2019, the building was evaluated for structural integrity and on February 7, 2022, the City Council approved a resolution establishing a committee to evaluate potential use of the structure. City Public Works Director Hanns Mercer at a City Council study session Monday night said a resolution was approved by the Council last summer containing the committee and DDA’s recommendations for the building.

Hanns Mercer

Mercer said staff is recommending the building be demolished and the area be paved to provide additional parking for downtown businesses.

Hanns Mercer

Mercer said constructing restrooms on the property is also an option for the City Council in the future.

Hanns Mercer

Mercer provided the Council with the financial numbers for other possible future enhancements.

Hanns Mercer

The resolution to move forward with the demolition of the building on the property will be considered by the City Council at their regularly scheduled business meeting Monday night.


  1. It’s not exactly the Sheridan Inn now is it. It was a tire shop the last time I looked. It’s not a historically significant building in Sheridan.

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