Barrasso, Lummis Vote No on Gun Control Bill

U.S. Senators Cynthia Lummis (R-WY) and John Barrasso (R-WY) released a joint statement after voting against proceeding to the Cornyn-Murphy gun legislation in the Senate. Barrasso said that as a senator for Wyoming, he knows the meaning of the Second Amendment and he will not vote for any legislation that would jeopardize the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens. Barrasso said his focus has been on mental health, school safety, and better enforcement of our current laws and the Cornyn-Murphy legislation goes beyond that.

Lummis said the Uvalde shooting was tragic and her heart goes out to all of the family members impacted by the horrific event and that she was hopeful the Senate would act to prevent these kinds of tragedies in the future by addressing mental health issues and ways to make our schools safer, something she said she would wholeheartedly support. Lummis said the legislation includes measures that infringe on the Second Amendment rights of lawfully abiding gun owners in Wyoming – something she will always oppose.

In a procedural move Tuesday night, the Senate voted 64 to 34 to advance the bipartisan legislation. The bill needs to clear a full vote in the Senate before being sent to the House of Representatives for consideration. The measure would enhance background checks for gun buyers under the age of 21 and includes funding for community based anti-violence programs and mental health services. If the bill is enacted, it would be the first major gun legislation since 1994.


  1. So, Barrasso and Lummis vote party lies and sell their souls for Wyoming votes. I don’t know who is more guilty, them or the voters. I have been a gun owner/hunter for my whole life but I favor universal background checks, honest folks have nothing to hide. Why does any private citizen need weapons of war????

      • You are right Fred, like Thomas here. No it is not about hunting it is about gun ownership. Most folks hunt with guns Thomas. You sure don’t need an AR to get an elk, so what do you need it for?????????????????????

        • It’s not the right to need, it’s the right to have. AR frames are made for many different calibers. Many are hunting calibers. Besides, ARs can be customized in many ways so you can have a unique firearm set up just how you like it. They already do background checks. If they want to make it universal, fine. But that’s not the issue. They want to be able to take away your firearms if “someone” deems you unfit regardless if you are a law abiding citizen. It’s the definition of that “someone” I don’t trust. Criminals aren’t going to buy a gun at a gun store, they will acquire it illegally. Do you think they will give them up? If you do, you are the ignorant one.

    • Unfortunately is is not ‘honest folks’ who are violent with the guns. Punish honest people for what end? Stiff jail times for gun related crimes. Pls dont tell me you support cashless bail but want tough gun laws?

  2. you’ve left the trail of logic and embraced the hysterical, Harriett. just another erosion of your rights under umbrella lie of greater safety and security. “honest people have nothing to hide”. well wire your house so the public can watch it live stream….. oh! you want SOME privacy… who decides?

  3. None of these silly bills would have prevented any of these senseless tragedies. The “red flag” provision is only there to take firearms away from law abiding citizens. Speak out against a school board policy that the far left supports? Red flag!

  4. Can someone name for me something that has been banned or regulated that people (sometimes bad people) have not been able to get their hands if they really wanted it especially for illegal purposes?? Booze? that didnt work… Drugs? every day i read of someone here going to prison for selling drugs!! BANNING AND OVER RESTRICTING WONT WORK!! Harden targets..Mental health referrals..stricter jail sentences..repeat offender stay locked up…mandatory long jail time for gun crimes 10-20yrs. crazy people and criminals dont care about your rules

    • I agree in part with your premise, passing laws to ban does not completely stop all people from having the banned item. Since NO wall in history has ever worked in total, should we still build a 2000 mile long wall @ 230 Million dollars per mile along the Mexican border ?

      • The southern border wall was almost complete under Trump. Biden had sections of it torn down. Besides the funding was already budgeted and in place. Even Obama was in favor of the wall. In the Bible, the Romans weren’t overtaken by force, they were overran because they had no walls. Even the new city of Jerusalem when it comes down from heaven will have a wall with 12 gates of pearl. All I can say Harriet is if you don’t like our values here in Wyoming, please feel free to leave!

        • Debbie I have lived in Wyoming for over 70 years. Just because I might think a little different than you does NOT MEAN I have to leave this great state. Perhaps you might not have noticed but you Debbie are NOT the spokesman for everyone in the State Of Wyoming. Kinda full of yourself ain’t you Podner!

          • Hi Harriet, I stand corrected on the border wall. And no I’m not full of myself, I’m just tired of people who are ok with this traitorous administration widdling away at our RIGHTS. There are plenty of gun laws. This is their attempt to widdle at the 2nd Amendment. They want to create a one world gov’t, as foretold in the Bible. Wyoming is so different from other states. We don’t have large metropolises and we don’t have the volume of crime that goes with that, fortunately. I have lived in big cities, I much prefer the country atmosphere. And as a veteran, I desire to keep my right to defend myself, my family and others if need be. I don’t have a problem with other opinions, everyone has that right, just the liberal mentality that wants it their way or the highway so to speak. You having lived here this long, I would think you’d like to protect our way of life here. The shootings are horrible events that make us all look at things differently. But to make it so anyone can deem you unfit to own a firearm is ridiculous and dangerous. As I stated before, criminals who have guns, didn’t acquire them legally and are not about to give them up. Have a wonderful day!

        • As to facts about the wall. Construction started under Bill Clinton, in all those years of construction about 800 miles have been built. 800 miles Dear Debbie out of 2000 miles. It was not completely funded and certainly not “almost complete”…

  5. There’s a lot of sour grapes on this thread about how our senators “sold themselves”. They did nothing of the sort, they simply represented the wishes of the majority of Wyoming’s voters. If Cheney had done that she’d have easily won re-election. It sounds to me like it’s Wyoming’s democrats and not her republicans who don’t like democracy very much.

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