1. Wow So I guess I am the first to leave a comment, This video was amazing!!! It captures David’s art and personality wonderfully and I couldnt be more happier for him and all that he has accomplished! What a dedicated artist true to his art and themes!

    • David AND his paintings are two of my favorite friends! David, so true and heartfelt and knowledgable, makes him an easy target for fun and laughter and good times. The paintings, so full of intricacies and meaning and color, are very cheering and a source of inspiration for me personally. Thet are is rich! Thanks David!! Keep ’em coming!

  2. Serendipity, talent, joie de vivre, vision, honesty and pure, sweet fun = the soul of an artist = the art of David McDougall. Love it.

  3. I am privileged to be the neighbor of one so very talented and original and colorful. David, you never fail to bring a smile to my face even when I’m not in a smiling mood!

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