Sheridan Dog and Cat Shelter transitioning leadership

Photo courtesy of Sheridan Dog and Cat Shelter.

Antje “AJ” Evans will fill the role of director of the Sheridan Dog and Cat Shelter upon the departure of the current director, Jill Moriarty. 

Born in Germany, Evans came to the US as an accountant. Although Evans still enjoys working with numbers, she decided to leave the accounting trade behind and find a job working with animals. Evans turned in her resume with aspirations to work in the back, caring for the dogs and cats. Once Moriarty reviewed the resume, she approached Evans with another idea, to take the reins of the shelter operations as Moriarty’s eventual replacement. 

Although she didn’t aspire for such a position when she initially applied to the shelter, Evans has taken on the challenge and told listeners of Sheridan Media’s Public Pulse program that she is learning the job and will strive everyday to take care of the shelter and the animals in their charge. 

A. Evens

According to Evans, Moriarty has taught her a lot about the shelter and leading a nonprofit organization. The two of them work together very well, but Evans said there’s still much to learn. Moriarty is unsure when she will eventually decide to resign her position but she is sure that she will continue working with the Sheridan Dog and Cat Shelter as a volunteer.

J. Moriarty

To find a new furry family member, check out the shelter’s website here.  


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