Liz Cheney On Select Committee To Investigate January White House Riot

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Thursday (July 1st) named Wyoming Republican Rep. Liz Cheney and seven Democrats to a new select committee to investigate the violent Jan. 6 insurrection at the Capitol.

Rep. Bennie Thompson, chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, will lead the panel.

It will investigate what went wrong around the Capitol when hundreds of supporters of then-President Donald Trump broke into the building, hunted for lawmakers and interrupted the congressional certification of Democrat Joe Biden’s election victory.

Cheney, R-Wyo., said in a statement that she is “honored” to serve on the committee and that “Congress is obligated to conduct a full investigation of the most serious attack on our Capitol since 1814.”

The House approved the panel on Wednesday over the objections of Republicans.

Cheney, who was removed from GOP leadership this year because of her criticism of Trump, was one of only two Republicans who supported forming the committee.

Pelosi, D-Calif., formed the committee after Senate Republicans blocked an independent, bipartisan probe.

Besides Thompson, D-Miss., the other Democratic members of the panel will be Reps. Jamie Raskin of Maryland, Zoe Lofgren of California, Elaine Luria of Virginia, Stephanie Murphy of Florida and Pete Aguilar of Texas.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy had threatened to strip Republicans of committee assignments if they accept an appointment from Pelosi to join the committee, a top House GOP aide said Thursday.

The warning by McCarthy, R-Calif., underscores party leaders’ opposition to the committee and their desire to shape the narrative about its work as much as they can. Republicans have complained that the panel will be dominated by Democrats and will produce a skewed, partisan report, even though the GOP previously scuttled an earlier Democratic attempt to form a bipartisan commission.

McCarthy told a closed-door meeting of first-term House GOP members on Wednesday that he, not Pelosi controls Republicans’ committee assignments, the aide said.

He told them that if Pelosi names them to the committee and they accept, they should plan on getting all their committee assignments from her — an apparent threat to remove them from their current panels.

The aide spoke on condition of anonymity to describe the private meeting. McCarthy’s threat was first reported by Punchbowl News, a political news organization.

Pelosi had the authority to appoint a chairperson and at least eight of the 13 members.

The resolution gives her a possible say in the appointment of the other five members as well, directing that they will be named “after consultation” with McCarthy.

Cheney and Rep. Adam Kinzinger of Illinois, another Trump critic, were the only Republicans to vote in favor of forming the new committee.

GOP leaders have not said whether Republicans will even participate in the new panel.


  1. I’m thrilled that Liz is determined to investigate incidents wherein mobs attack a government facility. Of course, it would be nice if she were to develop an equal desire to investigate for example, the horrific attack on a federal courthouse in Portland by the “peaceful demonstrators” of Antifa/BLM. But, alas, Liz is still too laser focused on blaming Donald Trump for all the evils of mankind, including an “insurrection” in which none — repeat NONE — of the “insurrectionists” were armed! That has to be the strangest “insurrection” in history! But, by all means, Liz, keep talking and keep showing the good people of Wyoming where your true loyalties lie and who your real friends are, e.g. Nancy Pelosi. The more you keep pounding this square peg into a round hole, the better the chances that you will soon be a former member of the House.

    • What a pile of HOGWASH Charley!!!!! NO WEAPONS???? Thereby NO Insurrection !! What a ridiculous attempt at WHITEWASH !! No Weapons, unless you count bear spray, clubs, police shields, water bottles, trump flag poles, security fence, the list of weapons goes on. Not to mention shear numbers of the trump agitated mob of invaders. Charley you can’t whitewash what they did on video. Your HOGWASH can’t cover up this insurrection. It was an attempt to stop a United States Congressional vote by force. They invaded our symbol of Democracy to stop Democracy. Shame on you for trying to make an insurrection look like any thing else. You have had credible posts on this forum in the past but this post is totally RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!

      • Antifa and BLM have been attacking federal facilities in Portland and Seattle for over a year armed with semi automatic rifles. BLM and Antifa were pounding on the doors of the supreme court demanding that Kavanaugh NOT be seated on the SCOTUS. Let us not forget the Bernie supporter, James hodgkinson who wanted to exterminate every house repub on that baseball field.

        There are your insurrectionists.

        • Mr. Jones, I was replying to Charley’s weak attempt to whitewash the insurrection at the Capitol building. An invasion of our American Capitol, that should INFURIATE every American. We ALL watched as a trump inspired mob of thugs, threatened our legislators, looked for Trump’s vice president to “hang Him”, tried to block the law of the land, caused hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of damage, invaded offices of legislators ,republican AND democrat, stole computers and papers AND caused extreme physical harm to the capitol police. There are always other incidents we can, point to to justify what we do. But my mommy always told me “just because someone else is acting up, is no reason for you to do WORSE THINGS”. Yes there are dumb folks on all sides of all issues but this does not excuse the invasion of my Capitol building and it certainly does not excuse trying to make it look like something else. IT WAS A VIOLENT ATTEMPT AT INSURRECTION, NOTHING ELSE!!!!!

          • Yet the far left insurrection continues daily with no end in sight. I kinda like to drive down interstates without being held hostage by BLM and Antifa domestic terrorists. Don’t you?

  2. Shocker! I am sure she has an open mind, hasn’t prejudged this issue….. I think she just punched her ticket to invite the ENTIRE TRUMP Train to Wyoming! Thanks liz!

  3. 400+ political prisoners without due process under the joebama regime. If cheneys main reason for being on this inquisition was to fight for these folks civil rights that would be one thing. Based on her history it is apparent that she wants to put a stick in the eye of Trump, and those who supporter him, including the 170,000 that mistakenly voted for her. Please resign Liz, you’re a big embarrassment for the state of Wyoming.

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