Community Colleges Seek $30 Million Block Grant

College District President Dr. Walter Tribley announced a $700,000 anonymous gift to Sheridan College. (Photo from Sheridan Media files)

The presidents of Wyoming’s community colleges are seeking a $30 million block grant from the state. Dr. Walt Tribley (TRY-blee), who’s president of the Northern Wyoming Community College District, announced the grant at Thursday night’s meeting of college district trustees. Dr. Tribley said he thinks this is a really important time for the community college system as the colleges look for secure funding.

Equally important, he said, is that the colleges make clear that they need a different way to ask for money to support the community colleges. Dr. Tribley said he knows money is tight, but the community colleges really need those funds.

He said if the block grant is approved, the $30 million would be apportioned among the state’s seven community colleges and community college districts.

College district trustees at Thursday’s meeting. (Photo by Pat Blair)

He said the block grant recommendation has been accepted by the Wyoming Community College Commission and the Wyoming Association of Community College Trustees unanimously passed a resolution in support of the block grant.

The proposal has also been presented to the Legislature’s joint appropriations committee.

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