Grants Play Important Role in School District 2 Funding

Assistant Superintendent Mitch Craft talked about dual and concurrent enrollment at a meeting of school district and college trustees Monday Night. (Photo from Sheridan Media files)

Funds from grants play a really important role in the programming that Sheridan County School District 2 offers students in Sheridan and Story.

That’s according to Mitch Craft, an assistant superintendent with the district.

In a report to the district’s trustees earlier this week, Craft said the district received more than $3.4 million grants for fiscal 2019-2020.

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Craft said the district receives grants from three sources. First is the federal government. He said the federal funding allows the district to enhance the funds spent on staff in areas such as training. The federal dollars also allow the district to support homeless students and to support career and tech programs.

A second source of grants is from private sources, which include Sheridan College and Whitney Benefits and several local foundations.

The third source of grants is the state of Wyoming’s Farm to School program. Craft said this is a program the district is actively working on.

Craft checks figures on his computer. (Photo by Pat Blair)

Craft said the various grants are truly an integral part of the district’s functioning, and Sheridan Media will take a closer look at different funds and how they’re used in future stories.

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