School District 1 Trustees Clarify Position on 4-Day School Week

School District 1 trustees have clarified their position on the district's four-day school week. (Photo from Sheridan Media files)

Sheridan County School District 1 trustees want to keep Mondays through Thursdays of the school week as free as possible from extra-curricular activities.

District Superintendent Pete Kilbride said trustees clarified their position during a recent work session.

District 1 has been on a four-day class schedule since the 1980s, and Kilbride said one of the reasons for that was because of the amount of time students are out of school on Fridays due to extra-curricular activities.

But, he said, additional programs have been added, like indoor track and wrestling among others, and he wanted to revisit with trustees and see whether they wanted to make changes or continue with the current policy.

He said the trustees overwhelmingly, along with the district’s activities directors and school principals, agreed they wanted to keep Mondays through Thursdays as dedicated to academics as possible.

Kilbride said the district realizes that there will be exceptions. But the point, he said, is that those will be exceptions.

School District Superintendent Pete Kilbride. (Photo by Pat Blair)

He said the district hadn’t revisited that particular policy in a long time, so he felt it was nice to get clarification from the trustees.

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