1. Yes, as quickly and safely as possible. This was inevitable from the start and any idiot that could read a history book could see it as clear as day.

    • Joe has already done more to clean up his worthless predecessor’s mess,following in Obama’s stint to clean up after his predecessor’s mess,than anyone in modern times.

      • when the Taliban start killing young girls who aspire to become doctors, and you see the footage, you will start to begin to understand joe lost this one.

        • They were going to do that anyway at some point because we weren’t going to stay there for the next one hundred years.

        • Joe Lost This One??? He did finish out the deal that trump signed with the Taliban or do facts escape you like Charley…

          • A support force of troops. 1200 to 2k. Not one american has been killed in the last 18 months. How long have we been in germany and japan. The fool biden has destroyed lives and the credibility of america.. china will eat taiwan alive while biden hides in the basement

        • I do think the present Biden Administration was ill prepared for the pullout. Many are surprised the Taliban took over so quickly but they did have over a year to prepare their country wide offensive after trump signed an agreement with them to pull out in May 2021. I doubt any expert thought the Afghan army would collapse so easily. All in all I think the present administration certainly should have been ready before the pull-out.

          • Trump was right in getting out, we all agree he was smart in that respect, what we see wrong was the poor planning in the last three months before the pullout…… Terrible the lack of planning! MANY experts within our Government told us that this might happen, yet despite this, joe just left….. The equipment should have been either been destroyed or protected until the people we wanted out are safe, and there should have been a planned evacuation before the troops left, then had to return. Shame on you joe, you lost it! This is your Saigon moment, you own it!

      • So Fred, what was trump’s mess? Obama blamed bush for obama failure, Biden blames trump and fred carries the talking point. Unfortunately, it just wont hold water. Biden is a failure and it will cost american and afghan lives.

    • It’s sure looking like the administration and the military are botching what should have been a pretty controllable situation. They’ve known for over a year that we were leaving yet it appears they did very little to prepare.

  2. They need to make arrangements to take the people OUT of there that have helped us First! It will be just like the vacuum created in Saigon.

    • You’re wrong about this being a Saigon moment, it’s worse. The North Vietnamese had a decently equipped military, were generally at least somewhat intelligent and educated, and had the backing of the Soviet Union. The Taliban are generally illiterate, are equipped with junk the Soviets left behind thirty years ago, and lack backing from any major power. This defeat looks really bad for the United States, we can’t even manage to execute an organized withdraw. Don’t think for a minute that allies and enemies alike aren’t taking notice of our inability to function in this situation.

  3. America has the finest rapid-deployment forces in the world. They can also re-deploy almost as fast. But our military needs orders from the National Command Authority (NCA) first. That NCA guidance was apparently lacking in this case. We went there with a clear purpose, but failed to develop a workable policy and exit strategy, thereafter. A wise man once wrote, “Those who fail to learn the lessons of history, will repeat them.”

  4. Biden has messed this up beyond repair. People will die. Women and girls will be raped and killed. Blood is on the hands of biden and those who elected him. But Hey! Least the mean tweets have stopped

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