In light of potential new mask recommendations, which of the following best describes your position?


      • I too Diane, care more about my health and the health of others, than stupid politics. People are dying, children are dying and still folks remain unvaccinated because of Blah, Blah on social media and vote hungry rogue politicians. How in the heck did the safety and well being of All Americans become a political issue. However The Blah, Blah, Blah tunes sure do change when the Blah Blahers get Covid or someone close to them dies from it. Seems like the Darwinian “natural selection” is in action. I have lost 4 good friends in Sheridan to Covid and my main worry is the Blah Blahers are going to be the Petri dish for the Covid Variant that will kill us all. So in spite of the shallow thinking Blah Blahers, I will continue to be vaccinated and wear a mask to help insure no adult or child dies because of me. My politics, my “rights” are NOT as important as someone’s life.

        • This is a world wide disease (the Delta variant originated in India) and mutations will happen no matter what, someone wearing or not wearing a mask in rural Wyoming isn’t going to change that. We’re going to have to learn to manage our personal risks and live with this thing just like the human race lived with different diseases all through history.

          • I guess I was silly to think that the less human petri dishes that were growing the virus, the fewer variants. Seems to me, that folks who are getting vaccinated, the folks wearing masks are managing their personal risks but at the same time they are showing they care about someone besides themselves…

  1. When I have a healthcare question I call my personal physician and follow his advice, not some politician or a neighbor.

  2. So, if we demand to see the HARD science behind these masks, we’re “playing politics.” If we challenge some of the wild statements made to hype hysteria (e.g. “children are dying”) and ask questions such as “could you please cite hard evidence of this?” then, again, we’re playing politics. And which time should we have listened to the great guru of all science, Anthony Fauci, giving us mask advice — the second or third time he flip flopped? Does anyone know the science behind masks? What is an N95 mask and how does it differ in protective ability from some cloth rag over one’s face? This has been the vaunted left playing politics for some very pernicious reasons, some linked to last year’s election, some linked to addicting Americans on getting free money for staying at home (making them, of course, dependent on government handouts). How about we have some REAL scientific debates on these and related issues, rather than puffing up and screaming slogans and mantras?

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