A Lookback at the 2020 Virtual Rodeo Parade

The disappointing news was shared with Sheridan WYO Rodeo fans in May of last year. Due to COVID-19 cases rising throughout the state, the 2020 Sheridan WYO Rodeo was canceled. Many events, such as the Rodeo Parade, were canceled along with the main Rodeo events. Although the cancellations acted as precautions to protect the Sheridan community,  the undertone of sadness was easily felt in Sheridan. 

Knowing the joy that Rodeo brings, Sheridan Media staff put their heads together and began to brainstorm ideas to alleviate the sadness felt in the community. It was over a conference table and long discussions that the “Virtual Rodeo Parade” came to fruition. 

The Virtual Rodeo Parade was to be modeled after Sheridan’s traditional Rodeo Parade. Typically, Sheridan’s Rodeo Parade drew business floats, horses, rodeo royalty, and thousands of smiling faces to Sheridan’s epicenter – Main Street. With that in mind, the objective of the Virtual Rodeo Parade was to do 5 things: 

  • Bring exposure to Sheridan businesses that were suffering due to COVID-19.
  • Keep the Sheridan and surrounding communities safe from the COVID-19 virus.
  • Demonstrate and inspire others to innovate during times of hardship.
  • Produce laughter.
  • Shine a beacon of hope through the adaptation of traditional events.

Staff members at Sheridan Media got busy and started producing the virtual event. Information about the virtual parade was shared wide and far. In 2020, the Sheridan WYO Rodeo parade would be a video broadcast of a simulated parade. The parade was crafted with safety in mind. When the sets came to life, the world would look very similar to the parade that Sheridan’s citizens were used to. All of the things that were there before would be there again, but this time made of legos.

Bob Grammens, and Trevor Jackson broadcasting, live from the Virtual Rodeo Parade stage. It’s tough to catch COVID-19 when you are made of plastic.

Weeks of work went into virtual production. Steve Sisson and Steven Schreffler of Sheridan Media were the lead producers of the audio, video, and sets.

Steven Schreffler, and Steve Sisson, Sheridan Media Engineers working on the Virtual Parade broadcast, as they would a live broadcast.
Steve Sisson and Steven Schreffler discuss the efforts that went into the production.
Tommy (pictured right) and Belle (pictured left) have a crisis during the virtual parade on Grinnell Plaza.

The Virtual Parade included many highlights of a typical Rodeo Parade day. The Beds along the Bighorns looked similar to previous years. Steven and Steve meticulously crafted teams and beds for the virtual event.

Cassidy Schellinger, team captain, accepts the win in 2019 and 2020.

The bed races, each year, draw teams who hope to win some cash with their beds and speed. The Sheridan Media team won the race in 2019 and 2020. 

In addition to capturing many of Rodeo Parade’s fun events, the Virtual Rodeo Parade strived to highlight local businesses. 43 Sheridan businesses submitted artfully crafted floats to be displayed.

A picture of Cell Only’s float making its way down Virtual Main Street, Sheridan. 
Britni Poppell, District Manager of Cell Only, talks about her experience having a float in the Virtual Parade.

Getting the Virtual Rodeo Parade put together and presentable didn’t come without some complications.

Despite a couple of bumps along the way, the Virtual Rodeo Parade came together and brought joy to many. The video accumulated thousands of views across different platforms including Youtube, Facebook, and SheridanMedia.com.

Some of the comments left on Youtube for the Virtual Parade.

Despite the many cancelations, and disappointments that COVID-19 brought to the community of Sheridan, Sheridan Media was delighted to present the Virtual Rodeo Parade. The objective to bring exposure to Sheridan Businesses, presenting a COVID-19 safe virtual event, creating laughter, and inspiring hope, felt complete by the end of those lego-filled weeks. 

Steve Sisson and Steve Schreffler reflect on the Virtual Rodeo Parade.

While the Sheridan Media team enjoyed presenting the Virtual Parade, we look forward to broadcasting live from Main Street this year, and highlighting Sheridan WYO Rodeo news! Users can access this year’s live broadcast on KROE 103.9FM & 930AM, KROE Stream, and on Sheridan Media’s Facebook Page.

View the full video here:

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  1. As an employee of Sheridan Media at the time, I found it fun to check in periodically and wee the submissions from businesses, organizations and individuals to the parade entries. Everyone did an awesome job, and it was inspiring to see the whole community involved in something so positive during what had become a tough year.

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