Do you support Sheridan City Council and the Mayor acting on the suggestions made by the Housing Action Team?

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edward capp
13 days ago

Where is the article that has the details on this?

edward capp
11 days ago

If you could post the link to the article about this, that would be great….

Mike Kuzara
6 hours ago

I read the on-line versions of the Sheridan Press and the Casper Star which accounts for the bulk of electronic time in one venue. I can skim through emails in about 15-20 minutes seldom answering more than 2 or 3. I don’t use Facebook, but people send stuff and sometimes that might burn up 30 minutes. I get a half dozen archeological and historical print publications plus stuff from clubs and organizations, so I read more print than electronic stuff. I like to watch Newsmax and read print during commercials since I hate wasting time,
I practice my music about 6-8 hours a week (need to do more) and after summer activities cease, I will write more on 3 books I have started. (2 previous books are already in print and a 3rd is done but needs editing)
So what I’m saying is don’t ask me to help pack out your elk, paint your house, or “volunteer” on a board or social club office. PLEASE1