Do you support Sheridan City Council and the Mayor acting on the suggestions made by the Housing Action Team?


  1. I read the on-line versions of the Sheridan Press and the Casper Star which accounts for the bulk of electronic time in one venue. I can skim through emails in about 15-20 minutes seldom answering more than 2 or 3. I don’t use Facebook, but people send stuff and sometimes that might burn up 30 minutes. I get a half dozen archeological and historical print publications plus stuff from clubs and organizations, so I read more print than electronic stuff. I like to watch Newsmax and read print during commercials since I hate wasting time,
    I practice my music about 6-8 hours a week (need to do more) and after summer activities cease, I will write more on 3 books I have started. (2 previous books are already in print and a 3rd is done but needs editing)
    So what I’m saying is don’t ask me to help pack out your elk, paint your house, or “volunteer” on a board or social club office. PLEASE1

  2. whoever is running the weekly poll question section needs to quit eating “magic mushrooms”…what nonsense

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