2021 “Beds Along the Bighorns” Official Rules and Regulations

Team Member & Sponsorship

  1. Each bed is allowed not more than 2 sponsors.
  2. All team members are required to wear bedclothes or equivalent, including traditional pajamas,
    nightgowns and long johns! Other paraphernalia worn on the bedclothes is encouraged. Do not
    wear any type of clothing, hats, shoes, etc. that would endanger yourself or others.
  3. Six people are required per team. Two of those members must be on the bed. And, at least 2
    members must be of the opposite sex.
  4. All members of the team must be in one or more categories with the sponsor:
    a. Business Class: At least two members must be employees or family members of full-time employees.
    b. Members of organization registered in the state.
    c. Members of a church.
    d. Members of a family. All team members must be 13 years or older.
    e. Any team failing to meet these qualifications will be required to start the heat 10 feet behind all qualifying teams.
  5. All 6 team members must cross the finish line with the bed.
  6. Each team is allowed to name 2 alternates who can be used only for permanent replacement of an
    original team member in the event of injury or illness.
  7. Bed entered by teams must be the same bed used for the entire competition (all heats/all races).

Bed Design

  1. The bed can be manufactured or built from scratch, but must have a minimum of a headboard,
    mattress and rails for support. Box springs are allowed.
  2. Wheels are not to exceed 27 inches in diameter.
  3. No motors, bikes, pedals or chain-driven propulsion. Steering mechanisms are allowed including
    steering wheels or bars. Seats on top or behind the bed are allowed. No cribs, gurneys, or
  4. Push bars are allowed but must not exceed 12 inches on either side of the outside dimension of the
    bed. A maximum of 4 are allowed. All bars including steering mechanisms MUST be padded.
  5. Beds must have mattress, sheets and 2 pillows.
  6. All beds and rosters will be inspected for rule compliance prior to races.


  1. Propulsion shall be accomplished by 4 team members pushing the bed. NO PULLING.
  2. A minimum of 2 members must be on the bed at all times.
  3. Absolutely no lifting or carrying the bed is allowed.


  1. The use of advertising such as flags, horns, racing stickers, etc. is allowed. Please advertise on the
    bed who you are and from what business or organization. Color is very important.
  2. All beds and reruns must be qualified prior to each race.
  3. All decisions by the judges are final and any interpretation of rules is final.
    2021 “Beds Along the Bighorns” Official Rules and Regulations

Name of Organization or Business:

Team Name or Bed Nickname: .

Mailing or Business Address: .

City, State, Zip Code: .

Daytime Phone Number: .

Contact Person: .

Team Members

  1. . 2. .
  2. . 4. .
  3. . 6. .


  1. . 2. .

Remittance Schedule
Please remit entry fee by July 9th to the following: Sheridan Media
c/o Bed Races
P.O. Box 5086
Sheridan, WY 82801

2021 Entry fee: $45.00 per bed

Remit fee and this application.
Checks/money orders/cash payable to Sheridan Media.

Liability Release

We, the team members, fully accept risk of injury and will not hold the Sheridan Media liable for any negligence or injuries incurred while participating in this event named “Beds Along the Bighorns.” We fully understand the rules and regulations and will abide by those guidelines, as outlined to use, to the best of our abilities.

Signed this day of , 2021 By (Team Captain)

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