Mask Mandate Maybe be Lifted at SCSD#1

(Photo from Sheridan Media files)

                                    Mask Mandate on SCSD #1 Agenda

     The Sheridan County School District one board meeting, held on April 13 in Ranchester, addressed a host of topics, with the variance of the mask mandate for the rest of the school year being addressed.  Several community members spoke both for and against the mandate, Mandy Madre, parent, spoke saying that in her opinion the mask mandate should remain in place for the rest of the year, “If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it,”  she said.  She added that one worry is that if masks are not worn, and students had to be quarantined if they were exposed to the virus they would miss out on many opportunities, especially seniors.

     Pete Kilbride, Superintendent, said that he would recommend to drop the mask mandate.  “I have to deal with facts and science,” he said. “Sheridan county has had few cases and low transmission rate.  However, masks have helped to keep us in school.” 

     He added that “the exposure is already there, and students can take their own responsibility. I ask the board to support a variance over face coverings for the rest of the school year.”

     Chairman Carol Garber said that there was ‘overwhelming support,” in the community for lifting the mandate, and she would vote to support Kilbride.

     Clint Krumm said he was proud of the students and staff on keeping our school open, and the “message our children need to hear is that we are community and we are in this together.”

     Kilbride said the variance request has to go through the state and  Sheridan County Health.  “I believe it will be accepted,” he told the board.

     In other business, there was a presentation from TRHS, talking about programs at TRHS that were helpful to students. One program that is working well is the ACT test prep, to help ready students for taking the exam.  Jack Stewart, senior, said he felt the ACT prep helped him be more prepared to take the test.  “It gave me strategies that were very helpful,” he said.

     CJ Scholl, teacher, spoke on Wednesday Character education, and how it helps the students to learn to know themselves, and to help them chart a course for the future.  “It is a class that teaches students to deal with real life stuff,”

     Principal Corey Lynch said that the “Difference between a dream and a goal is a plan to get there.  Not all our kids are University bound, and that’s okay.”

     The board approved the certified staff contract renewals for 2021-22, with Kilbride saying that most will come back but there will be six vacancies to fill. 

     An early graduation request was approved, with Kilbride saying the student in question “worked very hard to graduate early, and plans to attend college this fall.  I see no reason not accept the request.”

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