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It should go directly to the citizens, we’re the ones on the hook to pay it back someday.

Martha Cover-Killian

I feel well or poorly, not good. Oops.


The governor has done a good job overall. He should be praised for NOT imposing an illegal “lock-down” on citizens. That said, he now needs to follow through and allow localities to assess their own unique situations and make appropriate recommendations. All private businesses should be allowed to open immediately, at their owners discretion. All governor-imposed “orders” should and must expire on 15 May. It’s a local issue now and the governor needs to uphold his oath to the constitution and protect our liberties…not continue to take them from us. Wyoming, forever west….Forever FREE.


That draconian measures like this never happen again.


The mission was to “flatten the curve” so that the hospital was not over-loaded. Sheridan’s hospital treated no covid-19 patients. Mission accomplished. All 12 Sheridan county virus patients recovered at home and we’ve had no new cases in over a month. If we now re-define the mission as, no one in America ever gets the flu, then we’ve allowed the mission to expand. It’s called “mission creep” and can be very devastating to our economy and form of government. Poverty kills many times more people than does disease. Continuing to keep businesses closed is hurting a lot of folks. Thank goodness the hospital is now open again for cancer screening and other life-saving procedures. Yes. let’s be smart. but let’s also restore our economy and our rights. If we crush our economy, destroy private property rights and become a dictatorship, (where a single person, like the governor makes law) then the virus wins. Freedom is, indeed, worth dying for. Just ask any veteran.


Being an octogenarian,I have a certain amount of anxiety. But quadruple that anxiety because of Mary’s compromised immune system, makes us take extraordinary measures to observe the suggested precautions. I feel like taking a horse whip to those who display disdain if not outright contempt for the common sense measures we must practice to stay safe. Even when this is “officially over” we will still be super cautious. 18 months ago Mary contracted necrotizing faciitis (flesh-eating bacteria) from some unknown source. Half the people who get it die, and she almost lost an arm from that. There are nasty insidious maladies lurking out there that will only increase as the population increases and intercontinental travel becomes as common as going to the grocery store. In the meantime keep your sneezes to yourself, please.

Harriett Oleson

Well said indeed Mike!!!!!!!!! Human contact vs Human Life could be the trade off, if we rush to relax the distancing – That simply has worked all across the USA. Miss going out to dinner???? WoW- is that as important as anyone’s life??? Mike, it Seems that some have lost their “common sense” and regard for others. SAD !

Cheryl Madden

My husband and I miss going out to dinner in a fine restaurant.


I look forward to normalcy and human contact