1. Being an octogenarian,I have a certain amount of anxiety. But quadruple that anxiety because of Mary’s compromised immune system, makes us take extraordinary measures to observe the suggested precautions. I feel like taking a horse whip to those who display disdain if not outright contempt for the common sense measures we must practice to stay safe. Even when this is “officially over” we will still be super cautious. 18 months ago Mary contracted necrotizing faciitis (flesh-eating bacteria) from some unknown source. Half the people who get it die, and she almost lost an arm from that. There are nasty insidious maladies lurking out there that will only increase as the population increases and intercontinental travel becomes as common as going to the grocery store. In the meantime keep your sneezes to yourself, please.

    • Well said indeed Mike!!!!!!!!! Human contact vs Human Life could be the trade off, if we rush to relax the distancing – That simply has worked all across the USA. Miss going out to dinner???? WoW- is that as important as anyone’s life??? Mike, it Seems that some have lost their “common sense” and regard for others. SAD !

  2. The mission was to “flatten the curve” so that the hospital was not over-loaded. Sheridan’s hospital treated no covid-19 patients. Mission accomplished. All 12 Sheridan county virus patients recovered at home and we’ve had no new cases in over a month. If we now re-define the mission as, no one in America ever gets the flu, then we’ve allowed the mission to expand. It’s called “mission creep” and can be very devastating to our economy and form of government. Poverty kills many times more people than does disease. Continuing to keep businesses closed is hurting a lot of folks. Thank goodness the hospital is now open again for cancer screening and other life-saving procedures. Yes. let’s be smart. but let’s also restore our economy and our rights. If we crush our economy, destroy private property rights and become a dictatorship, (where a single person, like the governor makes law) then the virus wins. Freedom is, indeed, worth dying for. Just ask any veteran.

  3. The governor has done a good job overall. He should be praised for NOT imposing an illegal “lock-down” on citizens. That said, he now needs to follow through and allow localities to assess their own unique situations and make appropriate recommendations. All private businesses should be allowed to open immediately, at their owners discretion. All governor-imposed “orders” should and must expire on 15 May. It’s a local issue now and the governor needs to uphold his oath to the constitution and protect our liberties…not continue to take them from us. Wyoming, forever west….Forever FREE.

  4. In Sheridan, Wyoming wearing a mask, face covering or bandana should only be a requirement if there is a statute that dictates such a requirement…wearing masks or face coverings is a consideration for others…much like not farting out loud while in close proximity to others in public or belching out loud after a meal in a local restaurant.
    Unfortunately, as indicated by past and present “poll numbers” this has become a divisive issue in Sheridan…unfortunate because if the general public or the medically vulnerable population “does not feel safe” in any public setting local businesses surely will be impacted. The Sheridan WYO rodeo and tourist season is just around the corner and the economic or social impacts of a local viral outbreak between now and then would have detrimental effects on actual attendance numbers by the general public in the rodeo festivities and more importantly for the safety and confidence of the older or medically vulnerable population…hopefully people from all walks of life and locations will be coming to Sheridan in increased numbers in the very near future…”a chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link”…. staying home is an option for anyone who is medically vulnerable or does not “feel safe” in any environment…until a viable vaccine is produced citizens face an inconvenient, temporary debacle together…sometimes when one is uncertain of the consequences it’s better to err on the side of caution…it’s never too late for mitigation and consideration.

  5. A statute is only legal and valid if it’s issued by the legislature. The governor only has temporary, emergency authority to issue executive orders, which are not law. All covid related orders MUST expire NLT 1 June or we risk becoming something other than a republic. A state that issues “law” by one person is not a republic….it is known by other names such as a dictatorship or authoritarian-rule “banana-republic.” If we crash our our economy and destroy our form of gov’t…then the virus wins. Nobody wants that. And the thought of greeting what few visitors do show up with everyone wearing a mask is somewhat troubling. Plus we’ll be slapping them with the new 15% tourist tax, thanks to our state legislature and mass voter misleading and propaganda. Everybody pays the tourist tax! We need to vote smart in the future….or we’ll have a bleak one.

  6. Masks should only be “required” in hospitals. And then only by staff. Freedom, once lost, is very difficult to re-gain.

  7. We’re two months into this and still not a single covid-19 patient in our hospital. The mission was to prevent the hospital from getting overwhelmed. We have succeeded. The Wyoming dept. of health reports 12 positive in Sheridan county and all 12 recovered at home. No new cases here in the last six weeks. Mission accomplished! This is not NYC. Why the continued hysteria and illegal orders? We need our Freedom back. I spent 20 years in uniform defending our Liberty. I will not sit by and watch it evaporate. This is America.

  8. I’m sure these people, the rodeo boards and governor didn’t make this decision lightly. I fact I imagine it was one of the hardest decisions that many have ever made.

  9. The War of Northern Aggression as it is sometimes called in the South, was precipitated by a tiny percent of the Southern population. Less than 8% of southerners owned slaves. The reasons for the conflict are too numerous to list here. The people on the ground who fought and died were protecting their homes and property. It was very difficult for the North to generate much interest in the civilian population to join the Union Army and history tells us there was considerable rioting against the draft. Many soldiers in the Union Army were immigrants who saw an opportunity to make a few bucks and get fed and clothed. Monuments to the Confederacy should be left in place not as a symbol of slavery or hate but to the folly of stubbornly refusing to reach amicable solutions. Slavery was on its way out as was holding women as second class citizens. Forcing issues no one is willing to accept harbors lasting resentment, whereas allowing a natural process of acceptance builds gradual understanding and agreement which is far more productive to all concerned. Today’s children are not taught history. Better to learn in a classroom than through a bullhorn on the street.

  10. One of the first things the Germans did after conquering France in 1940 was to destroy the railroad car that they’d signed their World War One surrender in. Like the Germans the Soviets destroyed thousands of monuments in Eastern Europe when they occupied it from 1945 to 1990. One only has to listen to the rhetoric and observe their behavior to see that we’re dealing with the same kind of people here in America today.

  11. The poll question brings up an interesting point. What are my options if a “Federal animal” Attucks me or destroys my personal property?

  12. Can the governor extend his “law-making” forever? It would seem to me that Wyoming’s law-making body, the state legislature, is the only branch allowed to make our laws; under both the US and Wyoming constitutions. Is the word “temporary” to be used as only one man chooses? Can an “emergency” last 4,5, 6 or even 12 months? Are we not a nation of written law?

  13. I am very surprised by a Wyoming vote that invites federal troops or marshals be allowed to take over in Sheridan County. I guess it says we have little confidence in our local law enforcement. I suppose there should have been federal troops flown in for Sheridan’s black lives matter demonstration or the rodeo street dance. Ya never know when those folks might have destroyed our town. Be Careful what you wish for folks, there is always somebody waiting to gore your personal ox, when you willing to allow every one else’s ox to be gored. Can you say “we surrender local control and thanks so much for saving us, Federal Government”. King George used the same logic and took over in Boston, New York and Philly in the 1770’s, when those demonstrations seemed to be out of local control. Be very careful, what rights to local control, you are willing to give up!!!!!

  14. such actions by unmarked federal agents “kidnapping” american citizens and hauling those same individuals off in unmarked vehicles is a “slippery slope”…those same uniforms (and side gear) are for sale in any army/navy store…draw your own horrific conclusions regarding “copy cat” killers

  15. School is the time in kid’s lives where friendships are made, relationships are cultivated and love blossoms. Personally. I think that the people freaking out over the 6ft and keep your mask on bull have completely had their mind blanked by panic Forgetting what it was like to be a kid…a teen…how those relationships that were made in our youth, the memories that last a lifetime, were some of the best moments of their lives. The social interaction we are being forbidden to pursue with these mask mandates, are psychologically draining for us…but try to put yourself into the shoes of your youth…now how do you think this bull feels to our kids? No dances. No athletics. No concerts. Hanging around the park or fast food joints in groups just enjoying life. If you think it’s hard on you…try looking into your kid’s eyes when you either tell them that they can only go back to school with jail-type plexiglass between you and your friens and you cannot get closer than arm’s length, and you cannot sit together at lunch. Or when you tell them that they’re not going back to school at all. It’s seriously no wonder our kids are acting out! This whole thing is causing them irreparable damage and you’re all too scared of your own shadows to see it!

  16. I’m guessing the people who voted yes already own a home and are wanting to sell it for 3X what they bought it for 8 years ago. Some of the same people who took out loans for extra houses in town just to rent them out for several hundred dollars more per month than the mortgage payment, you know, people who want something for nothing. This is WIDE OPEN WYOMING! Why are we stuffing life long residents in to tiny apartments and 2500sq ft lots? Why are we bending over backwards for millionaires that drive up property taxes and rarely if ever invest in the long term stability of the community?

  17. The Supreme Court needs 9 Justices, not 8. This is especially critical with the upcoming election which appears to be close and the historic precedent of Democratic voter fraud, will almost guarantee the USSC will become involved.

  18. I am not sure what “precedent of Democratic Voter Fraud” you are referring to. What proof do you have? What states, how many fraud cases have been Proven… Mike I mean proven fraud in court not some post on facebook or some political biased article in a newspaper. Also I am not sure why you want the highest court in the land to become an arm of ANY political party. Isn’t the Supreme Court supposed to be above political parties, above any reproach and TOTALLY IMPARTIAL. If it isn’t politically impartial then any opinion can’t be an unbiased decision. I do not understand why any American would want a United States Supreme Court that is biased toward ANY political party. It was originally designed by the Constitution as a Court above the politics, to make impartial decisions. I have voted Mostly Republican for over 50 years but I want a non-political United States Supreme Court. I pray for some neutral authority, some voice of reason and fact, in our Political Party Divided United States.

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