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We nearly lost Mary to necrotising faciitis, (Flesh eating bacteria) a year ago. even before that we were cautious but after that, we were almost paranoid about cleanliness. Now we are taking even more precautions. As a transplant recipient, her immune system is severely compromised. On one trip to the pharmacy I saw a person with a severe cold who should have stayed home smearing her snot all over the place. Disgusting! God save us from idiots.


Yes, I’m being careful, staying away from people as much as possible when shopping. I’ve been trying to find toilet paper , paper towels and sanitizer but there has been to much panic buying. This may end up costing more health problems then the virus. The stores should have limited the amount before the first day was over. It looks like they are only worried about sales, not all of their customers. Maybe law enforcement should be at the stores to insure people do not overbuy .


The most important thing we can do is limit person-to-person contact. That’s how the virus primarily spreads. Slowing the spread of the virus is up to each of us. Don’t wait for the gov’t to “order” self-isolation, let’s do it voluntarily and stop this thing in it’s tracks. “Stay Healthy-Stay Home and Stop the Spread of CoVid-19.” It’s up to us. No one is immune. And we can all transmit it, if we come into contact. So just don’t have close contact for now. So what can those not working in a critical industry do to stop this virus? Stay Healthy-Stay Home-Stop the Spread.


The state needs to cut some spending, not just keep increasing taxes. We are not California or New York.


Impose a state-wide tourist-tax and we could kill tourism in Wyoming. We doubled the tax in Sheridan county in 2018, going from 5 to 10 %. That’s money that’s taken out of Sheridan’s economy and sent directly to Cheyenne. It’s money not available for our workers, biz owners, etc. Raise it to 15% and we could kill the tourism-goose laying the golden eggs in Wyoming. If we have the same rate as California and New York, they’ll just stay home. And 15% of nothing is…..NOTHING!