JCHC Board Discusses Corona Virus Issues

During their regular meeting Wednesday night, the board of trustees for the Johnson County Healthcare Center discussed the corona virus and asked the medical staff what measures if any were being taken in case the virus shows up locally.

According to statistics mentioned at the meeting, as of Tuesday there were about 81,000 cases of the virus with 2,750 deaths globally so far but influenza cases were sitting at 29 million cases with 16,000 deaths globally by comparison.

Reports are that the corona virus is starting to wind down in China.

JCHC CEO Sean McCallister said the facility’s Infection Preventionist is watching the situation closely, and recommending regular infection control practices for curbing the spread of influenza and other viruses.

McCallister said this is a “good, even-keeled” approach where she will keep an eye on the situation on the latest news and how it is evolving.

Although it is spreading around the world, it still is very limited in the US, but that is predicted that it may change in the coming weeks.

The JCHC has posted links for up-to-date and accurate information on the corona virus, and we have provided them below.


Wyoming Department of Health Webpage: https://health.wyo.gov/…/infecti…/disease/novel-coronavirus/

The World Health Organization Information: https://www.who.int/emergen…/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019

Excellent Video from the World Health Organization about COVID19

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